The girl behind the microphone

Editing my sports interview

To all my readers I will tell you the story behind the real Kiersten Ehr.  My last name is pronounced ‘air” but spelled in a funky way. It’s a cool and original last name but in typing my name it goes to ‘her’ or heir and hair. Yes I was laughed at in school but hey it makes me different. I embrace different.

The first memory I have of my child hood is simply sitting on a couch beside my dad watch a Green Bay Packers football game with Future Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre with a green and yellow jersey with a #4 on it. As an only child and as a daddy’s girl sports was life. First was loving Jesus and second was learning how to learn the latest techniques in softball.

As weird as I was, at the age of eight I played on a all boys baseball team in YMCA. Strong and determined I showed those boys what I was made of. I even made some boys flinch and get scared pitching to me. I knocked one pitcher to the ground with my ridiculous swinging power.

In high school I played softball for two years then figured out that I actually love to interview and write sports stories rather than running miles in the freezing cold Texas weather (inside joke) or in the blazing 100 degrees. Journalism soon became a passion that I would later pursue.

Photo Credit: Shannon Carrico

College at Texas State happened in fall of 2013 and I interviewed to work at KTSW 89.9 radio. I got the job need less to say and my spring semester in 2014 I had experience in color announcing Texas State Softball games and board producing, reporting and blogging. This was a revelation. My calling.

On my next post I will enlighten my readers on why sports will never go out of fashion on my watch.

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”
Heywood Broun

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