Why Sports is Life

Photo Credit: Kiersten Ehr
Photo Credit: Kiersten Ehr


One word can mean so much. Soccer. Baseball. Softball. Basketball. Hockey. Tennis. Golf. Football. Track. How often can one word speak for itself? Sports become history. Sports tell stories. Sports entertain. Sports inform.

No matter where any one in the world is there will be some form of sport whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Sports allow perfect strangers to engage in conversation without having to know  each other. Playing sports can be a hobby, passion, dream and job. Sports allow and welcome fans from all backgrounds. It has no limitations. Any one can say they want to be a sports fan (hopefully as long as they know what they are talking about).

Sports are a social norm through generations and century’s. Its history is beautiful to read about and watch. From grade-school with t-ball, to high school football in Texas, to NCAA National Championships, to even the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and international leagues such as the English Premiere League (soccer), sport is a current event in daily life.

No matter how old someone may be, whether a five- year- old playing baseball or an adult playing golf, sports have no barriers making it pretty amazing. Even people with disabilities have found brilliant ways to play the game they love.

In my upcoming blog posts I will inform, persuade, and inspire on what the fascination is with sports and include direct quotes from students at Texas State University on why they love their favorite sport and teams.

Here’s a video clip on some of the greatest sports moments in history.

Music in video by:
M83- Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun

“I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people’s accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man’s failures.”
Earl Warren
Chief Justice of the United States (1953-1969)

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