American Football…I think yes

Unitas. #8 Young. #4 Favre. #12 Brady. Staubach. #13 Marino. #12 Bradshaw. #18 Manning. #7 Elway. #16 Montana. #12 Rodgers.

For decades America has focused on the beautiful game of American Football. If you live in the U.S.A. it’s just football clear to the point.

Football is a way of life. It’s american culture. It builds character.

My first memory of football started when I was still in a toddler seat sitting next to my dad on the couch- we would watch Notre Dame Football games on Saturday’s as a tradition- turned out that it was one of the few things that made me calm and quiet-
Football tuned out to be an Ehr family tradition- following Green Bay Packer games on Sunday.

It’s hard to describe the sensation that football brings fans. In short it brings communities together to enjoy a common passion…football.

  • To- High school football games bringing thousands of fans in stands roaring and stomping – the band cheering on with cheerleaders on the sidelines- to coaches screaming their heads off at referees- young quarterbacks throwing hail marys while winning state titles- to young men feeling heartbroken after the senior year ends- nothing compares.
  • College football brings whole campuses, communities, student populations, organizations, alumni,  televised broadcasts, and tail-gating into a whole other dimension.
  • Super Fandom- Then you meet the head honchos. The big Kahuna’s. What I like to say- the NFL(National Football League). The NFL provides a network and atmosphere that welcomes fans from all cultures. The NFL’s history is rich in depth and is quite remarkable how the league has transformed over the years. The memorabilia-jerseys- accessories- marketing- commercials- fan base- way of life is an american story.
  • It’s rare to come across broadcaster’s and professionals in the NFL field who can agree on who the best teams are or best players- but– they can all agree that when National Televised Football games are in Green Bay, all the bias talk is out the window
Kiersten's Pictures 1229
Tailgating in 2007.
Kiersten's Pictures 1225
Best food in 2007.
  • Green Bay for those of you who don’t know is remarkably small in population- but FILLED with TRUE Packer fans. The city shuts down on game day- not a soul is walking about- thousands flood to Lambeau Field or to bars to watch the game. I’m a born and raised Packer fan since my whole family descended from the dairy land- the good old Wisconsin.
  • Little interesting fact about the Packers organization (coming across season tickets and even a single ticket can near from impossible; my dad signed up for the season ticket list 15 years ago and his number will be called up when he is 115. The expected waiting list today is 130 years. 
    Football is not just another sport in America. It’s a way of life- bondage- love- passion- dream- goal- hope.My friends,
    I hope that all of you can have a moment in life where a sport can bring you great joy and love that you can share with others.
    – Kiersten

Here’s some funny clips from NFL games. Enjoy!

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