Sports stores are the new candy stores… I think yes

Your typical candy store
Photo credit: Guestofaguest
Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three. Come with me. Any you’ll be in a world with pure imagination. Take a look And you’ll see into your own imagination. 

My version of a candy store: Sports stores…

Is there nothing better than splurging a little on your favorite sports team?

I honestly doubt it. Maybe that’s just me. Like I said I’m not your average girl. I’m a sports fanatic and proud of my weirdness.

I was listening to the song from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. You know the one where Willy Wonka welcomes the lucky golden ticket winners into his majestic candy factory. All eyes are going bonkers looking and literally drooling from the sight before their eyes.

While listening to that song it reminded me of how much I love sports stores for my favorite teams. There’s the Packer Pro shop in Green Bay Wisconsin with numerous floors categorized on fashion, accessories, indoor/outdoor appliances. The works.

A brilliant man cave. Photo Credit: My dad

(My dream sports cave would be covered every square inch like this one) (My role model man cave right here!)

Then there’s the Notre Dame bookstore in South Bend, IN. It is stocked head to toe with everything you could think of with the ND logo. If I was a student at Notre Dame I would seriously be broke.

Photo Credit: Packer Pro Shop. My eye candy

For all and any sports fan, buying apparel and etc with your teams logo on it is a purchase you won’t regret. I can go buy a Fat head of Aaron Rodgers and feel no shame on the cost. Why? Umm well it’s Aaron Rodgers. I like to save my money for special purchases that will mean something to me. Like a jersey or special edition t-shirt that just comes from your team winning their division or a national title.

These are the best buys. How many sports fans return their items the day after they bought them? To be honest the number must be slim. Retail stores in normal fashion have returns constantly. I know from my days at Hollister Co.

Sports fans hold onto their purchases with pride. I have never once thought of selling my Packer clothes or sports clothes because they represent memories of my life. Nothing will beat the experiences that you will hold onto for life. It’s like when you purchase your first soccer ball, football, cleats, batting gloves, bat, basketball, baseball glove. These are priceless possessions one must keep forever.

Have you ever walked into a house that have rooms dedicated just to someones favorite sports team? These ARE AWESOME. A craft. Literally some of the best creations my eyes have witnessed. Man caves. Women caves. Yes even women have rooms just for their sports memorabilia me for example. It just proves that sports helps people create a sense of pride. It creates conversation and a basis for following a common passion. Nothing beats it.

My favorite is some English chocolate!
What’s your version of a modern candy store ? Comment me and I’ll love to hear your story!

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