Fighting Irish luck prevails for championship

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Last night was unexpected. The unexpected met its match as No. 11  Notre Dame beat No. 19 UNC 90-82 to win the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference)  title.

Since I have remembered I have always watched and grown up with watching Notre Dame sports since my grandfather “Boppa” is a proud graduate of the university. Even though I have not attended Notre Dame I consider myself to be a proud fighting Irish .

At a glance: 

This broke Irish history. Literally. To the point the fighting Irish have never won a ACC title or have been to a ACC finals game. Notre Dame even beat Duke twice this year which was a surprise in itself. Usually the women’s basketball team has the Irish luck for success– and for once in a blue moon the men’s basketball team took a little gold from that pot.

The MVP key player that transformed the tempo of the game came from the heart and soul of Jerian Grant- a fifth year senior- who scored 24 points to help his team. His vigorous athleticism and passion for basketball proved to fans and viewers.

Photo credit: MVP Grant
Rarely does an underdog team beat the favorited team in a championship title. I like to think of the Notre Dame’s men’s team as the ‘Bad News Bears.’ No one thought they would win- or have a chance in the world- but destiny took a double glance and gave some hope and fight into the final minutes of the game. 

As a student or an athlete- this is a perfect example of the power of heart, determination, drive, passion all rolled into one game. Yes UNC gave Notre Dame a fright after halftime for the trophy… but the Irish said nope-this is OUR TIME.

Life gives unexpected moments- and it’s up to the individual and team to make history for themselves. To dream is to expect the unbelievable and impossible for yourself. All it takes is some time and discipline.

Are you game? JUST DO IT.

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