The power of a press pass

““A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.”- Mary Lou Retton

Rupp twins-
Photo credit: Shannon Carrico

There is no other power that can compare to having the power to interview.

I think of interviewing as a glimpse into the life of another person that only I can have the control of what to ask and say. Simply knowing when to speak-when to hold the power of silence -and using listening skills. It takes countless interviews to master the craft.

As a sophomore at Texas State, I have interviewed athletes that can potentially have a future in sports post graduation. That is something I take great pride in. Only I will have those moments and memories to boast about to other people if and when they are shown on ESPN someday. Pretty awesome. Yes, well I think so.

Just last Wednesday, I interviewed two twin sisters who are freshman on the Texas State Softball team- Randi and Sara Rupp- pitcher and catcher- who I think will have tremendous impact on the direction of the season. I had the privilege of announcing the Texas State softball game in which the bobcats won, and after the game I ran, well tried to on the field to get a quick Q&A with head coach Woodard and twin sisters.

—- One of my greatest prides so far in my college experience has definitely been to wear a press media pass for Texas State athletic events. It’s a priceless reward and opportunity and I intend to represent KTSW Sports and my beautiful school with the best of my abilities.

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