Beach side fog

Usually I try to blog about sports but since I’m on spring break I wanted to write about life at the beach this week-

Photo credit: Josh Bonnington, sunset at South Padre

I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.”
-Rosamund Pike 

Life at our feet

Life is full of surprises. The unexpected answers to the unexpected and disappointing weather forecasts.

All my life I have been to South Padre Island at least once a year since my grandparents own a condominium  by the beach.

This 2015 spring break has not been going the way I expected at all…
First the weather forecasters almost promised spring breakers a week full of sunshine. Day 6 of spring break and no sun. Just a thick warm fog.

Instead of being utterly disappointed, I chose to choose joy. The simple pleasures that life brings is how I choose to celebrate my joy. To the car ride road trip with my best friend playing and singing a long to our favorite songs- to the late night Netflix skimmings to find a new movie to watch together. These are the moments I choose to remember. Not the disappointing weather forecast, but the smiles and face expressions that make hearts smile.

Sometimes we humans almost forget to remember that taking a little time off is essential. Life makes the notion that you have to work your self to the grave, but I choose to respond with yes but a week or so a year of “me” time is okay and needed.

As a sophomore at Texas State I’m used to a busy 24/7 schedule with school work to class to friends to church to the sports radio. It’s honestly exhausting but then again it’s my reality and I love it.

Waking up to the beach at South Padre is some of the joy that I choose to cherish with me. It’s not that hard to choose the easy answer and say yes to joy, love, memories, and new moments. Even though the weather hasn’t been delightful I know that through every storm you have the option to stay positive or negative.

I choose a life worth seeing half full.

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