Peace, love & serenity

(This is another blog post about life~in my next post I will talk about and explain March Madness) 


Peace & serenity:
Some people find peace in solitude or meditation. I find my peace to be utterly calming and relaxing. My version of peace is removing oneself from reality and forcing thoughts to be 100% positive forcing negativity out the window.

I find it sad how some people can never find inner peace whether spiritually or mentally. Without peace how does one remain sane?

Love is a word that can describe a strong desire for someone or something, and I know in a blink of an eye I love God, family, friends, and the beach. I’m currently breathing in the ocean breeze sea mist from the balcony of a beautiful condo as I people  gaze and observe my surroundings. I can hear about 10 different sounds if I really focus in. I hear the music from the pool dancers aka my grandma Lulu, I hear the seagulls scavenging for food, the carts carrying the spring breakers’ ice coolers.  I hear the ocean waves roaring for thirst of sunlight, I hear the wind shaking the palm trees, and I hear my grandfather talking about the world wide news and the Notre Dame basketball tournament coming on soon.

Taking a moment from life to simply sit and listen to life’s surroundings is how I find my peace. My peace comes from the Almighty above but also from taking a step back to what makes me truly happy. I would be sitting or walking the beach but it’s hard to enjoy when you can’t  see a foot in front of you due to the fog.

To be honest I was looking up at the sky and for about five seconds the sun shined down on me. I guess I can’t say now that I didn’t see the sun at South Padre.

When life seems fuzzy, hectic, exhausting or scary, I suggest to find your inner self  and find a peace that brings you joy. I found mine. What’s yours?


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