{Simple things to smile about}

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(Another blog post about life- don’t worry more sports blog posts will be up shortly- currently watching March Madness)

We all have those days when the weather is not perfect and all we want to do is curl up in a long sleeve t-shirt and have a lazy day while listening to calming music (for me I listen to Bon Iver or Coldplay)… well today is that day for me and when I miss people in my life or just have something to say, I turn to blogging to release thoughts I think others would like to hear. I hope everyone has a ‘beautiful’ rested day. 

Always, Kiersten

  1. Drinking a cup of coffee on a dingy wet day
  2. Finding new music to fall in love with
  3. Closing your eyes and listening to beautiful lyrics in songs
  4. Walking on the beach and feeling the sand in between your toes
  5. Sharing life and laughs with people you love
  6. Facetiming best friends & being completely silly and not judging each other
  7. Holding hands with that special someone
  8. Watching sports games with friends & family
  9. Sunsets
  10. Showing kindness and making someone’s day

    I have never met a successful person who talked about failing. The glass is always half full. I don’t even like being around negative talkers.

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