Fans’ insight on #March Madness

I think it’s a lot of fun just to see who can win.” -Katelyn Habeck

fan pics
(From upper left: Ryan, Katelyn, Eddie & Landan lower left) 


1) What do you love about March madness?

-“It’s my favorite tournament in sports because you never know what is going to happen. I love seeing small schools beating the bigger schools.” (Dan Shedd-Texas State graduate)

– “What I love about March Madness is the ability to cheer for my collegiate basketball team if they qualified against the best basketball teams in the nation.” (Eddie Lerma-Texas State junior)

 “I love that March Madness is so unpredictable. You think you have it all figured out when filling out the bracket but in reality you don’t. There are crazy upsets that you would never see coming, and I love that. I love seeing upsets happen, because it shows that every team is out there to compete.” (Katelyn Habeck -University of Wisconsin Madison freshman)

 “I love the sheer unpredictability of it all. You’re just as likely to see a #1 seed like Kentucky making a deep run as you are to see a Cinderella team like George Mason, Butler, VCU or Florida Gulf Coast crashing the big boys’ party.” (Landan Kulhmann-Texas Sports Review writer)

-“I love how once a team is in the tournament they have a chance to win. Last year was a prime example. No one pinned UCONN to win, but they did.” (Ryan Marcus- KTSW Sports)

 2) How long have you been making brackets? Do you think staying active with brackets and following games helps you in conversations with others?

-“This season will make it my third year. March Madness is a great conversation starter especially for guys and having competition with friends’ brackets definitely starts interesting conversations. (Eddie) 

– “I have made brackets for a few years now. I was so familiar with the concept but really never got into it until I got older. If you have friends that make brackets it almost becomes a competition, and it’s a lot of fun. Making brackets can turn into games and fun bets for everyone that aren’t serious. It strikes up conversation because talking to people you could have picked a different team to win the game and then cheer for opposite teams. (Katelyn)

-“I have been making a bracket for probably three or four years now. I’ve always followed the tournament, but making brackets is fairly new territory. Yes I think it does help, because it allows me to find a common ground, and from there the conversations can go anywhere.

3) Why should people make brackets/ follow March madness if they have never been exposed to it before?

-“Because it’s fun. It doesn’t matter how you fill it out, it’s called madness for a reason.” (Dan)

-“One reason: Warren Buffet challenge.” (Eddie)

-“It’s a way to keep up with March Madness. Even if you’re not a huge basketball fan, making brackets and seeing how well you did in the end is fun. Making a bracket helps you follow each game even closer, because now you have a specific team to cheer on, and it’s a lot of fun. Exposing yourself to March Madness is highly recommended, because it introduces you to a whole other aspect to the sports world. There are plenty of people out there that live for this month.” (Katelyn)

-“I think those who haven’t been exposed to March Madness before should make brackets and follow the Tournament because it’s just fun. Whether it’s a friendly competition between co-workers, family, friends, whatever. In today’s world everyone is always rushing to get things done, and we never stop to just enjoy the little things in life. It’s so simple, but sometimes all it takes to form a friendship is finding one small thing in common.”(Landan)

-“The brackets give you an excuse to care about the games, then you realize how exciting the games are when you watch them.” (Ryan)

4)Who do you have winning and why?

-“Kentucky. They have the best first team and second team in the country.” (Dan)

-“I have Kentucky winning the whole thing, because they are too tall for everyone in their way.. And other teams that could potentially beat the wildcats are not 35-0.” (Eddie)

-“I chose Wisconsin to win the whole tournament, because I am a student at the University of Wisconsin. The Badgers men’s basketball team has a strong team all around. They have well rounded players that can either go up in the paint or shoot from the three point arches. I always thought the Badgers had a strong bench. It keeps them at the pace they’re playing. This allows each player to rest up. Having a deep bench is crucial, especially in basketball if you want to make it far. The Badgers have a great team chemistry that shows on and off the court. I think this is a huge factor in winning games, because they all contribute to the team in their own way.”(Katelyn)

-“For all I said about the unpredictability, I have Kentucky going all the way and finishing off a perfect season, because nobody can match their sheer athleticism on the front court. They also have multiple players capable of taking over a game-their depth is virtually unmatched among the remaining teams.” (Landan)

-“Kentucky. I mean have you seen them this year?” (Ryan)


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