Epic battle deserves praise for #TXST baseball

A great spring night for baseball:

After a tough 6-4 Texas State loss to No. 10 UT Longhorns- the Texas State Bobcats who overall have a record of  10-13-1- almost prevailed with a win that would go down in history.


I made sure that I had all my homework done to watch this sold out & PACKED game. My goodness I barely found a seat. Luckily some very kind gentleman moved down for me. I had never seen Texas State fans sitting next to UT fans-but if you’re desperate for a seat it comes with the game.


Texas State was up 2-0 for the first two innings then let UT bat around making the game quite a nail biter for fans. Then it just came down to not scoring runs on base. UT is No. 10 for a reason and have always been Texas State rivals, but the Bobcats gave the Longhorns quite a scare for a while. The fact that TXST almost beat UT is a pretty great accomplishment. To go through pitcher after pitcher for UT- they knew the Bobcats wouldn’t give up without a fight.


As a fan and spectator for entertainment purposes- I absolutely loved the environment around the stadium. I watched fathers with their daughters and sons bond over the game while explaining baseball rules- I heard cheering to singing to songs in between innings- smelled delicious hot dogs- witnessed selfies being taken- clapping- standing up in applause. These are classic moments that make even the closest baseball games all worth the time you spend watching.

Great job Bobcats. Your fans are proud of your hard work.

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