Get to know the United States Women’s National Soccer Team

(Assignment for my Fundamentals of Digital Online Media class)

The #USWNT ultimate fan

The USWNT team – photo courtesy-

While choosing a blog to review in my class for mass communication, I read Lisette Lopez’s wordpress blog covering her passion for women’s soccer. Never have I ever read so many articles all on women’s soccer. Usually when fans talk about or write on soccer it’s mostly on men’s teams. Well where is the equal coverage on the women’s point of view? I was pleased to find a new type of sports blog that directly covers the United States women’s national soccer team. 

Photo courtesy from Lisette’s blog-

Lisette primarily focuses on news and big events (matches) on the USWNT. She also adds her own experience with playing and growing up with soccer. I like how she is original in her content and gives the team some publicity. If you like soccer or want to stay well informed on the USWNT team her blog is definitely the perfect place to visit. With my little knowledge of women’s soccer I have loved and enjoyed reading her blog posts. I’m Kiersten Ehr -sportschic10-  and I’m telling you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Photo Courtesy:

The blog has a clean simple theme that doesn’t need any fluff to distract from the content of the stories. I like how she uses the twitter account for the USWNT so people can follow those tweets. I think it would be awesome if she interviewed other soccer players (guys and girls) who love and play soccer to make it more interactive. In conclusion of all the sports blogs I read I recommend

Follow your heart and make it your decision.” – Mia Hamm (professional soccer player)

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