My Enriched Blogging Experience

{For my Fundamentals of Digital Online Media class project} 

I have been blogging for five months and I think it’s the way of the future. Personally for me I love blogging about what I love (my passion for sports) because it is relevant to the field I want to be in. I think blogging for Fundamentals of Digital Online Media has helped my personal brand vastly. I use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to promote my blog posts and that helps get feedback instantly.

Photo Credit: Megan McGee

I have written blog posts on Texas State athletes and I promote them on their own social media accounts-this helps me share my links with them. They can then instantly share on their account-increasing my page views and followers. I’ve also realized how important it is to be a genuine reporter. If you maintain a positive and good relationship and actually care about the person you are interviewing– 10/10 they will help promote you and even want more interviews. I have had interviews with one of the best pitchers in the ‘Nation’ and it was an honor to write a story about her and her sister (Randi and Sara Rupp twinsisters-Texas State Softball- Big deal).

I think all the tools that I used in promoting my blog helped increase my number of followers. Through the word of the mouth I kept seeing my numbers increase especially through family and friends. I want to include more video content such as interviews with athletes and that will be the next task to tackle.

My prep materials before a Texas State Softball game

This experience will benefit my future since I like to write positive, entertaining blog posts about the sports culture and my personal experience. I think because I’m genuine about my passion, my fans and followers can feel that while they read. My whole goal is to inform and entertain others about sports.

So far I think I’ve achieved that through my positive feedback (I have a professional Sports Announcer/Broadcaster for Texas State–Bill Culhane– follow my blog and he has encouraged me to stick with it-he even promoted my blog on KTSW 89.9– definitely helps my confidence and passion grow).

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.- Philippians 4:13

~Kiersten Ehr~

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