Stephen Curry’s Ridiculously Cute Daughter Has A Moment Of Fame During His Press Conference

By: Kiersten Ehr

It’s rare to find media stories that feature athletes’ kids,  but after reading this and watching the video below you will smile with joy.

Tuesday night May 19th, the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry entered a post-game press conference and faced the media after his 110-106 victory over the Houston Rockets for Game 1 in the Western Conference finals. He also brought a little surprise with him…

Curry’s two-year old daughter Riley Curry had a moment of fame as she sat on her daddy’s lap and under the media table making ridiculously cute comments such as daddy you’re being “too loud”, “be quiet.”

(If you are reading my blog post through email the Youtube video does not appear- I suggest going to my blog through my website or through an app to see it) 

Watch this video and try not to smile… it’s impossible… it’s just too good. Now this is good t.v. at its best. 


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