Meet The Milwaukee Brewers New Manager Craig Counsell: The Man With An Incredible Baseball Background

By: Kiersten Ehr

a great baseball story:

Since I was a little girl around the years of 2004, 2007-2011 Craig Counsell played for TobyMac 499the Milwaukee Brewers with a humble smile and carried a rare personality trait even when his team was losing. In the dug-outs I would watch Craig on the t.v. cheer on his teammates and picked them back up with confidence (the playoffs with Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun was something to see- the “Brew Crew” were the dream team to me).

My Family Connection Tied To Craig Counsell: 

My grandfather “Boppa”

The story begins in Milwaukee, Wisconsin–you know that state known for the “best” cheese and the legendary Green Bay Packers- well in a little town of Whitefish Bay on the lake front of Lake Michigan my dad played in softball intramural with Craig Counsell’s dad John Counsell in 1988-1989 in the fields behind the Whitefish Bay high school where Craig Counsell grew up.

My grandfather, Dick Ehr, also played golf with John Counsell for the annual Notre Dame alumni meetings in Milwaukee. My grandfather I call “Boppa” would brag to me “oh yeah I played golf with Craig Counsell’s dad”. It was pretty awesome as a little girl to hear that.

My cousin Kelsy and I at a Brewers vs. Astros game 2011.

Irish Proud:
Photo Credit: Wisconsinelite

John Counsell and Craig Counsell are both Notre Dame graduates and get this— they both were the captains on the baseball team when they were in school– This is a first in Notre Dame history— never has a father and son been the captains for the baseball team.

Father like son… I think yes.

Craig Counsell Stats at Notre Dame
  • Led the Irish baseball team to national recognition in the early 1990’s
  • Four-year career including a .306 batting average
  • 204 runs scored
  • 166 RBI
  • 50 doubles
  • Twice as many walks (166, still most in the ND record book) as strikeouts (82)
  • MVP as a senior
  • 14 professional draft picks
  • Named to the 1992 NCAA all-Atlantic Regional team, after captaining the Irish to within a game of the College World Series

    Craig’s Major League Experience:

Photo Credit: Brewers

The famous Craig Counsell baseball stance: 
If you have never seen Craig bat then look at these pictures. It is ridiculously awesome at how he pulled this off while making great hits.

As a Native Texan Brewer fan I couldn’t be more excited for Craig Counsell and the Milwaukee Brewers franchise. The moment I turned on ESPN and found out he was the new face of the team leadership I knew that the team was in good hands. A big congratulations to Craig Counsell on his continuing career in baseball.

Photo Credit: Brewers


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