Breaking News: Understanding The FIFA Investigation

By: Kiersten Ehr

It’s everywhere. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CNN, Facebook, social media, you name it. The #FIFA is trending like a virus on the internet.

FIFA is the International Federation of the Association Football or International Federation of Soccer) is the international governing body of association football (soccer)

What is happening and why this is IMPORTANT:

  • FIFA organizes the World Cup- basically to be blunt they take the profits from the World Cup and keep it in their deep pockets…
  • The countries that host the World Cup basically don’t see any of the profits- they kind of get used.
  • Get this the President of FIFA is Sapp Blatter (has tenure) (Net worth $10 million) openly admitted that FIFA is a “non-profit” organization yet has billions in the bank.. hmm that’s odd.
  • Despite winning 4 terms as President- Sapp has often been dogged by controversy and allegations of corruption and bribery.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.28.15 PM
    Photo Credit: FIFA President Sapp Blatter

Very Important to know:

The World Cup in 2020 will be in Qatar (the temperature is 50 celsius which translates to 120 degrees!!) That is dangerous and absolutely ridiculous for players, fans. The media said you can’t even play soccer in that weather it’s beyond dangerous… no one will want to go to a location where you could potentially die from heat exhaustion.

Photo Credit: Proof of the Qatar weather. Sweltering hot for the World Cup? Not a logical idea.

FIFA is facing MAJOR allegations of bribery for choosing this location and at the center of FIFA is President Blatter.

This is a great video by John Oliver a British political satirist who uses humor with the blunt truth in the media. It’s a 13 minute long video but you get the gist of it in whole.
( FYI: The video link will not work if you are reading this on email- just go to my blog link to see the video) 

John Oliver on FIFA

What do you think of the FIFA now?
Do you trust them?
This will be a huge sports news topic- so be on the look out for the latest on the allegations and conspiracies.
I would love to hear what you think of this- leave comments and share this to your friends– everyone needs to be enlightened on this world wide event. 

Til the next time,


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