Meet Kiersten

Cool Fact: I started this blog in Jan. 2015 and I already have over 2,500 followers.

Kiersten Ehr at the Spurs practice facility 2015

Simply put I love Jesus, sports, family, friends, traveling and great coffee shops.
I was born and raised to love and follow sports.I’m the only native Texan Packer fan in my family. Everyone else lives in Packer nation.
Learning new sports trivia is a love and hobby of mine.
I love to talk sports for fun and sharing my testimony.


As of April 2017, I am a senior at Texas State University. I’m studying Mass Communications- Electronic Media with a minor in Communication Studies. Currently I am a student worker videographer for the Texas State Athletics marketing department. Part of my duties consist of being a camera operator, director, graphics generator and shooting b-roll footage of home games. I also serve as the president of the Texas State Broadcasting Society. I’m an intern for a marketing firm in San Antonio called Leadhub. I write weekly blogs for different clients in various states. I will be graduating May, 2017 🙂

On the sidelines during a high school playoff game with WOAI
Kiersten Ehr at WOAI-TV

Like I said I’m a native Texan Packer fan- thanks to my dad who brought me up watching the legendary Brett Favre in Titletown USA- Green Bay.
My uncle has season tickets for the Packers right by the Lambeau leap end zone… You could say I was very blessed having the chance to experience live games.

SportsChic at the Packers Vs. Chargers game 2015. Right in the end zone. 

Watch the video I made about my experience in Green Bay, Wisconsin at the Packer vs. Chargers game. It’s pretty epic. You don’t want to miss this. Music by M83- Midnight City 

I also was raised following Notre Dame Football, since my grandfather is a proud ND graduate.
There is nothing like experiencing a Notre Dame Football game at South Bend in the fall.

Photo of Kiersten from 2007


Did I mention I love to travel the world? Well I’ve been to France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Traveled abroad in 2013 for my high school graduation present.

Hope you enjoy my blog & have a blessed day.

~Kiersten Ehr

Here are some of my must have’s on my playlist:

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