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Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas From Texas

Dec. 25. 2015

Just wanted to wish all my SportsChic followers a very Merry Christmas.

Today’s a day to rest and stay at home away from all the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Even if you’ve had a stressed year, or had heart ache or ups and downs this year…Christmas is that time of the year we can all be thankful for family and friends and most importantly the  birth of the most precious baby boy that was created.

SportsChic is very happy! Santa and family brought all Packer gear for Christmas.

I hope you got what you wanted this Christmas, hopefully you had time to sleep and watch some classic Christmas movies. My favorite is Christmas Vacation… I attached the link to the intro of the movie it’s a classic.


Even though this weather is beyond un-fashion friendly with all our sweaters and scarfs in the closest, at least the majority of the country isn’t freezing their butts off. For example it’s 80 here in south central Texas… Like what is that?!

Word of The Wise: I think EVERYONE should go see Star Wars Force Awakens ASAP. Umm it’s totally brill. The movie has already grossed $363,460,329 in about a week. GO SEE IT and take the family along.

SportsChic rocking her Star Wars leggings after seeing The Force Awakens on Christmas

Merry Christmas,
Be Blessed & Stay Thankful Everyday

~Kiersten Ehr

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