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Pro baseball is back in action tonight

“There are only two seasons- winter and baseball.” -Bill Veeck

Let the spring baseball fever begin. Baseball fans can now take a sigh of relief as the MLB (Major League Baseball) season is finally here tonight. After waiting since last October in the playoffs watching the San Francisco Giants win the pennant, fans all over the league can grow in excitement and anticipation over the long baseball season.

Why baseball?

Baseball is just like any other sport. Baseball can bring families, friends, peers, co-workers together in conversation, viewing, and even in attending ball games. I grew up watching sporting events with my dad since that was our way of bonding. Baseball is a great sport to take the family to on a lovely spring or summer day. Fans can grab some hot dogs and even tail gate if lucky. Yes watching baseball games takes patience and even more endurance if a game goes over three hours long and sometimes into extra innings. However, this game has been around in American culture for well over a century (Invented in America 1845). If you have never been to a pro ball game or watched a game now is the time to get a new taste for an American classic.

The MLB season consists of:

  • 162 games for each of the 30 teams in the American League & National League
  • Played over approximately 180 days
  • A total of 2430 games
  • Season runs through early April to late September, followed by the October postseason

Opening night at a glance

The St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois. The game will be telecast on ESPN2 @7:05 P.M CDT. This will be the first regular season game of the year and also it’s Easter Sunday. Eager fans can gather around the television and watch this historic rivalry face off. In this rivalry the Cubs and Cardinals have played a total of 2,344 games. Chicago holds the winning record over St. Louis with  (W) 1,189-1,136(L). The Cardinals won the last four series vs. the Cubs.

This is not the season to underestimate the Chicago Cubs. They have not won the World Series since 1908—— but the Cubs have a new pitcher that has sparked headline interest. Jon Lester is a 31-year-old  starting pitcher (from the Boston Red Sox) that has signed with the Cubs for a six-year, $155 million deal. While with the Red Sox, Lester has won 2X World Series, 3X All Star (2010, 2011,  2014), win-loss record 116-67, strikeouts 1,457 and an ERA (earned run average) of 3.58.

The good old Wrigley Field


Wrigley Field. This name sparks conversation amongst baseball fans with great pride. The Chicago Cubs home is the second-oldest ball park in the MLB right behind Boston’s Fenway Park. Built in 1914, Wrigley hosted some of the greatest baseball figures in history— Babe Ruth (the ‘Great Gambino’). The vines on the outfield wall are from 1937! Tourists visit this little spot of heaven in Chicago who don’t even like baseball—- why you might ask? Simply because it can be a bragging right. You can say “I’ve been to Wrigley Field.” In fact I’ve been  to Wrigley Field.

My dad and I on top of Wrigley Field

I have followed the Chicago Cubs & Milwaukee Brewers since my family is based in the dairy land (Wisconsin) and I remember waking up each morning reading the box score summaries of my favorite teams and players. Baseball fans enjoy predicting who will win the the next World Series in October. So what are you waiting for? Who do you predict? I’ve got the Washington Nationals.

“A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz.” – Humphrey Bogart

Epic battle deserves praise for #TXST baseball

A great spring night for baseball:

After a tough 6-4 Texas State loss to No. 10 UT Longhorns- the Texas State Bobcats who overall have a record of  10-13-1- almost prevailed with a win that would go down in history.


I made sure that I had all my homework done to watch this sold out & PACKED game. My goodness I barely found a seat. Luckily some very kind gentleman moved down for me. I had never seen Texas State fans sitting next to UT fans-but if you’re desperate for a seat it comes with the game.


Texas State was up 2-0 for the first two innings then let UT bat around making the game quite a nail biter for fans. Then it just came down to not scoring runs on base. UT is No. 10 for a reason and have always been Texas State rivals, but the Bobcats gave the Longhorns quite a scare for a while. The fact that TXST almost beat UT is a pretty great accomplishment. To go through pitcher after pitcher for UT- they knew the Bobcats wouldn’t give up without a fight.


As a fan and spectator for entertainment purposes- I absolutely loved the environment around the stadium. I watched fathers with their daughters and sons bond over the game while explaining baseball rules- I heard cheering to singing to songs in between innings- smelled delicious hot dogs- witnessed selfies being taken- clapping- standing up in applause. These are classic moments that make even the closest baseball games all worth the time you spend watching.

Great job Bobcats. Your fans are proud of your hard work.

Fighting Irish luck prevails for championship

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 3.28.10 PM

Photo credit:

Last night was unexpected. The unexpected met its match as No. 11  Notre Dame beat No. 19 UNC 90-82 to win the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference)  title.

Since I have remembered I have always watched and grown up with watching Notre Dame sports since my grandfather “Boppa” is a proud graduate of the university. Even though I have not attended Notre Dame I consider myself to be a proud fighting Irish .

At a glance: 

This broke Irish history. Literally. To the point the fighting Irish have never won a ACC title or have been to a ACC finals game. Notre Dame even beat Duke twice this year which was a surprise in itself. Usually the women’s basketball team has the Irish luck for success– and for once in a blue moon the men’s basketball team took a little gold from that pot.

The MVP key player that transformed the tempo of the game came from the heart and soul of Jerian Grant- a fifth year senior- who scored 24 points to help his team. His vigorous athleticism and passion for basketball proved to fans and viewers.

Photo credit: MVP Grant
Rarely does an underdog team beat the favorited team in a championship title. I like to think of the Notre Dame’s men’s team as the ‘Bad News Bears.’ No one thought they would win- or have a chance in the world- but destiny took a double glance and gave some hope and fight into the final minutes of the game. 

As a student or an athlete- this is a perfect example of the power of heart, determination, drive, passion all rolled into one game. Yes UNC gave Notre Dame a fright after halftime for the trophy… but the Irish said nope-this is OUR TIME.

Life gives unexpected moments- and it’s up to the individual and team to make history for themselves. To dream is to expect the unbelievable and impossible for yourself. All it takes is some time and discipline.

Are you game? JUST DO IT.

The power of a press pass

““A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.”- Mary Lou Retton

Rupp twins-
Photo credit: Shannon Carrico

There is no other power that can compare to having the power to interview.

I think of interviewing as a glimpse into the life of another person that only I can have the control of what to ask and say. Simply knowing when to speak-when to hold the power of silence -and using listening skills. It takes countless interviews to master the craft.

As a sophomore at Texas State, I have interviewed athletes that can potentially have a future in sports post graduation. That is something I take great pride in. Only I will have those moments and memories to boast about to other people if and when they are shown on ESPN someday. Pretty awesome. Yes, well I think so.

Just last Wednesday, I interviewed two twin sisters who are freshman on the Texas State Softball team- Randi and Sara Rupp- pitcher and catcher- who I think will have tremendous impact on the direction of the season. I had the privilege of announcing the Texas State softball game in which the bobcats won, and after the game I ran, well tried to on the field to get a quick Q&A with head coach Woodard and twin sisters.

—- One of my greatest prides so far in my college experience has definitely been to wear a press media pass for Texas State athletic events. It’s a priceless reward and opportunity and I intend to represent KTSW Sports and my beautiful school with the best of my abilities.

Sports stores are the new candy stores… I think yes

Your typical candy store
Photo credit: Guestofaguest
Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three. Come with me. Any you’ll be in a world with pure imagination. Take a look And you’ll see into your own imagination. 

My version of a candy store: Sports stores…

Is there nothing better than splurging a little on your favorite sports team?

I honestly doubt it. Maybe that’s just me. Like I said I’m not your average girl. I’m a sports fanatic and proud of my weirdness.

I was listening to the song from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. You know the one where Willy Wonka welcomes the lucky golden ticket winners into his majestic candy factory. All eyes are going bonkers looking and literally drooling from the sight before their eyes.

While listening to that song it reminded me of how much I love sports stores for my favorite teams. There’s the Packer Pro shop in Green Bay Wisconsin with numerous floors categorized on fashion, accessories, indoor/outdoor appliances. The works.

A brilliant man cave. Photo Credit: My dad

(My dream sports cave would be covered every square inch like this one) (My role model man cave right here!)

Then there’s the Notre Dame bookstore in South Bend, IN. It is stocked head to toe with everything you could think of with the ND logo. If I was a student at Notre Dame I would seriously be broke.

Photo Credit: Packer Pro Shop. My eye candy

For all and any sports fan, buying apparel and etc with your teams logo on it is a purchase you won’t regret. I can go buy a Fat head of Aaron Rodgers and feel no shame on the cost. Why? Umm well it’s Aaron Rodgers. I like to save my money for special purchases that will mean something to me. Like a jersey or special edition t-shirt that just comes from your team winning their division or a national title.

These are the best buys. How many sports fans return their items the day after they bought them? To be honest the number must be slim. Retail stores in normal fashion have returns constantly. I know from my days at Hollister Co.

Sports fans hold onto their purchases with pride. I have never once thought of selling my Packer clothes or sports clothes because they represent memories of my life. Nothing will beat the experiences that you will hold onto for life. It’s like when you purchase your first soccer ball, football, cleats, batting gloves, bat, basketball, baseball glove. These are priceless possessions one must keep forever.

Have you ever walked into a house that have rooms dedicated just to someones favorite sports team? These ARE AWESOME. A craft. Literally some of the best creations my eyes have witnessed. Man caves. Women caves. Yes even women have rooms just for their sports memorabilia me for example. It just proves that sports helps people create a sense of pride. It creates conversation and a basis for following a common passion. Nothing beats it.

My favorite is some English chocolate!
What’s your version of a modern candy store ? Comment me and I’ll love to hear your story!

American Football…I think yes

Unitas. #8 Young. #4 Favre. #12 Brady. Staubach. #13 Marino. #12 Bradshaw. #18 Manning. #7 Elway. #16 Montana. #12 Rodgers.

For decades America has focused on the beautiful game of American Football. If you live in the U.S.A. it’s just football clear to the point.

Football is a way of life. It’s american culture. It builds character.

My first memory of football started when I was still in a toddler seat sitting next to my dad on the couch- we would watch Notre Dame Football games on Saturday’s as a tradition- turned out that it was one of the few things that made me calm and quiet-
Football tuned out to be an Ehr family tradition- following Green Bay Packer games on Sunday.

It’s hard to describe the sensation that football brings fans. In short it brings communities together to enjoy a common passion…football.

  • To- High school football games bringing thousands of fans in stands roaring and stomping – the band cheering on with cheerleaders on the sidelines- to coaches screaming their heads off at referees- young quarterbacks throwing hail marys while winning state titles- to young men feeling heartbroken after the senior year ends- nothing compares.
  • College football brings whole campuses, communities, student populations, organizations, alumni,  televised broadcasts, and tail-gating into a whole other dimension.
  • Super Fandom- Then you meet the head honchos. The big Kahuna’s. What I like to say- the NFL(National Football League). The NFL provides a network and atmosphere that welcomes fans from all cultures. The NFL’s history is rich in depth and is quite remarkable how the league has transformed over the years. The memorabilia-jerseys- accessories- marketing- commercials- fan base- way of life is an american story.
  • It’s rare to come across broadcaster’s and professionals in the NFL field who can agree on who the best teams are or best players- but– they can all agree that when National Televised Football games are in Green Bay, all the bias talk is out the window
Kiersten's Pictures 1229
Tailgating in 2007.
Kiersten's Pictures 1225
Best food in 2007.
  • Green Bay for those of you who don’t know is remarkably small in population- but FILLED with TRUE Packer fans. The city shuts down on game day- not a soul is walking about- thousands flood to Lambeau Field or to bars to watch the game. I’m a born and raised Packer fan since my whole family descended from the dairy land- the good old Wisconsin.
  • Little interesting fact about the Packers organization (coming across season tickets and even a single ticket can near from impossible; my dad signed up for the season ticket list 15 years ago and his number will be called up when he is 115. The expected waiting list today is 130 years. 
    Football is not just another sport in America. It’s a way of life- bondage- love- passion- dream- goal- hope.My friends,
    I hope that all of you can have a moment in life where a sport can bring you great joy and love that you can share with others.
    – Kiersten

Here’s some funny clips from NFL games. Enjoy!

Soccer- The Globalized Sensation

soccer ball
Photo credit: Kiersten Ehr

By: Kiersten Ehr

Ronaldo. Beckham. Messi. Pele. Lampard. Maradona. These are just a few of the world’s best soccer players.
There’s only one sport that is #1 in the world. Soccer (futbol).

Nothing can compare to the globalized sensation that lures fans in by millions upon millions. The numbers are growing rapidly as the fan base continues to soar. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world in player numbers. In the 2006 FIFA Big Count listings, there were 265 million soccer players in the world. With just having the FIFA World Cup in summer of 2014 in Brazil, the global reach surpassed the 3.2 billion efforts for the 2010 South Africa totals.

Living in America here are some reasons why I think soccer prevails.

  • Popularity in #’s 
    -Why look at the most popular sport in the world in player numbers. In the 2006 FIFA Big Count listings, there were 265 million soccer players in the world.
  • Inexpensive $
    Have a budget? Want to play a pick up game with freinds? Try-out  soccer. Just need a soccer ball & some cleats.
  • Time benefits
    If you are like me, I can’t stand useless timeouts/commercials/ that distract from the momentum of sport games. Soccer plays start to finish- with halftime. No timeouts. What a strange concept for most American sports fans. But I’m telling you the game goes by much faster!
  • Concept/Rules 
    If you are completely a soccer newbie like I was a couple of months ago- learning the game and rules is not impossible. The game is easily comprehended by young children to adults. If you understand American Football in the complexity of set plays and regulations learning  soccer will be a piece of cake.
  • Playing Soccer = Fit body 
    If you love running- soccer is the sport for you. Pro athletes run miles in matches adding to their fit physique. I’m telling you the effects of soccer keep you smiling!
  • Atmosphere
    Never watching a soccer game growing up before- I watched the FIFA 2014 World Cup- WOW- The fans go absolutely bonkers. Watching Chelsea English Premiere League games with people from England at college it’s absolutely amazing to see how excited people get when a goal is scored. GOAL! One word brings such joy to soccer fans.Spoken from a real true soccer sports fan in Texas born and raised in England-  Josh Bonnington quotes that “Soccer is the best sport in the world. It’s a beautiful game. Nothing can compare to it. Nothing. Having your team win (Chelsea FC) and be number one in the English Premiere League is brilliant, especially when you can brag to Manchester City fans.”

Here is a YouTube sensationalized video that has peaked with over 20 million views. It’s worth a good laugh! Enjoy.

Why Sports is Life

Photo Credit: Kiersten Ehr
Photo Credit: Kiersten Ehr


One word can mean so much. Soccer. Baseball. Softball. Basketball. Hockey. Tennis. Golf. Football. Track. How often can one word speak for itself? Sports become history. Sports tell stories. Sports entertain. Sports inform.

No matter where any one in the world is there will be some form of sport whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Sports allow perfect strangers to engage in conversation without having to know  each other. Playing sports can be a hobby, passion, dream and job. Sports allow and welcome fans from all backgrounds. It has no limitations. Any one can say they want to be a sports fan (hopefully as long as they know what they are talking about).

Sports are a social norm through generations and century’s. Its history is beautiful to read about and watch. From grade-school with t-ball, to high school football in Texas, to NCAA National Championships, to even the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and international leagues such as the English Premiere League (soccer), sport is a current event in daily life.

No matter how old someone may be, whether a five- year- old playing baseball or an adult playing golf, sports have no barriers making it pretty amazing. Even people with disabilities have found brilliant ways to play the game they love.

In my upcoming blog posts I will inform, persuade, and inspire on what the fascination is with sports and include direct quotes from students at Texas State University on why they love their favorite sport and teams.

Here’s a video clip on some of the greatest sports moments in history.

Music in video by:
M83- Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun

“I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people’s accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man’s failures.”
Earl Warren
Chief Justice of the United States (1953-1969)