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My college journey at Texas State

By: Kiersten Ehr
April 19, 2017

Just to fill you all in on what I have been up to lately let’s just say it’s been a journey filled with wonderful experiences at Texas State. 

For those of you who don’t know my story and how I got to be a part of amazing sports experiences let me start. 

2013-2014 Freshman year

Covering a Texas State football game 
  • Became a Sports Reporter, Sports Announcer, Social Media Content Contributor for KTSW-89.9 radio station run by students at Texas State. Covered softball, baseball and basketball.
  • Worked for the web content department for KTSW-89.9 writing and editing blogs.
  • Received the ‘Champion of the Month’ award for the web content team.
  • Joined the Texas State Broadcasting Society.
  • Served as the treasurer for the Association of Women in Communications chapter at Texas State.

2014-2015 Sophomore year

Working a high school football game on the sidelines 
  • Continued to work for KTSW-89.9 in the sports department.
  • Received the ‘Champion of the Month’ for sports department.
  • Started my SportsChic blog on WordPress.
  • Became a treasurer for the Texas State Broadcasting Society.
  • Summer of my sophomore year I became the sports intern for KABB FOX 29/WOAI NEWS 4 SA.

2015-2016 Junior year 

Surprise candid with Tony Parker
Inside the Spurs media room 
Anchoring on Bobcat Update with my friend Tony Balladares
Sports intern with Time Warner Cable 


  • Continued my sports internship with KABB FOX 29/WOAI NEWS 4 SA until December, 2015.
  • Became the president of the Texas State Broadcasting Society.
  • Received a paid position for the Texas State Athletics department to be a student worker videographer in December, 2015.
  • Sports Reporter/Anchor for Texas State Bobcat Update TV.
  • Received a sports internship with Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) in San Antonio (attended all Spurs home games in the spring schedule) for the spring semester. 
  • Received a paid marketing internship with the United Soccer League (USL) San Antonio FC owned and operated by the Spurs Sports and Entertainment. I interned for the entire inaugural season where I helped run the team Snapchat game day fan relations, promotions and marketing events. 

2016-2017 Senior year

Working an event at Toyota Field for San Antonio FC
View from Toyota Field
  • Active president of the Texas State Broadcasting Society.
  • Videographer for Texas State Athletics covering football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball and baseball. 
  • Received a marketing internship in January, 2017 with a internet marketing service  called Leadhub in San Antonio where I help write blogs for different clients in other states for their websites. 
  • Graduating in May, 2017 🙂 

As you can see I have taken advantage of joining several organizations, taking on leadership roles and having four different internships. My goal is to enjoy my job and career once I graduate. I hope to work in sports media/sports communications where I can take advantage of my knowledge of social media and marketing. 

What is SportsChic up to? 

I am applying for various sports related positions and would love to hear from my readers of any open positions that I would be qualified for where I can be a great asset for an organization.

I have loved this college chapter in my life and I can’t wait to start the next step in my life starting my professional career. I encourage everyone to make goals and follow them! 

Until the next time,
I’m Kiersten Ehr
Twitter/Instagram @KierstenEhr

Senior photo session February, 2017

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. “

Chicago Cubs Fans Soak In World Series Victory

By: Kiersten Ehr
November 10, 2016.

Chicago Cubs fans will forever remember the date November 2, 2016.

Some fans may just make that a new holiday. For the first time since 1908 and having waited 108 years the Cubbies won the World Series. The cursed Chicago Cubs are no more as they absorb the victory of being world champions.

Until last Wednesday, the Cubs only two World Series championships were in 1907 and 1908. As a born and raised Cubs fan, I was used to the Cubs blowing every shot they had in the playoffs and during off season. All Cubs fans can agree that the amount of patience has finally paid off.

Long time Cubs fan Bill Murray said, “I’ve been imagining this for a long time. When the lions at the Art Institute start wearing Cubs hats or Bears helmets you know there’s some sort of magic happening in the city.”

“This is it. This was a long time coming. This is really great,” Murray said.

What some people don’t realize is that this is baseball history not only for the Cubs but for the entire major league baseball operations.

The Chicago Cubs were indeed the preseason favorites to win it all this season. The Cubs won 103 games to take the National League pennant. First the Cubs faced the San Fransisco Giants in the National League Division Series. Next on the Cubs check list was facing the Dodgers in the National League Championship Series to reach the World Series against the Cleveland Indians (Indians still have not won World Series since 1948). What made the World Series so memorable for sports fans was that the Cubs were down 3-1 in the best-of-seven series against the Indians.

In order to win the World Series, Chicago had to win three straight games in a row. Slowly but surely Chicago pulled off an unforgettable 8-7 victory on the road in Cleveland in a five hour game with a 17 minute rain delay.

For as long as I shall live I will never forget the moment that Fox Sports Announcer Joe Buck said, ” The Cubs have finally won it all.”

My Story of being a Cubs fan

For me, I grew up as a native Texan Chicago Cubs fan thanks to my dad who raised me to watch them even when I was a baby. Being a Cubs fan involves having great deal of patience and faith in the team. Now that the Cubs have lifted the hated curse it’s very surreal to know that the Cubs are World Champions. On the night they won I drove back to my parents house from college to watch Game 7 with my dad and mom. The moment the Cubs got the third out to end the game in extra innings the three of us literally jumped up and down and hugged each other in tears of happiness.

My dad and I at a Cubs game at Wrigley Field when I was about eight years old.

There is nothing quite like the bond that sports can bring to families and friends. Witnessing history and following particular teams with people around you is one of the best experiences in life.

Earlier in my blog I mentioned that when it comes to being a sports fan, it does not matter what your religion, political affiliation is or what your beliefs are. All that matters is that sports has the ability to bring wide diverse groups of people together to enjoy a common interest.

Video that captured the game highlights of Game 7 where the Cubs won in the 1oth inning over the Indians. Courtesy of Inside Edition

Cubs Fans Reception of World Series Victory

* I asked some Cubs fans on my Facebook and Twitter of what the Cubs World Series win means to them.








It was estimated that 5 million people attended the Chicago Cubs parade and rally Friday November 4th, 2016 making it the 7th largest gathering in human history according to Fox 32 Chicago.

Video of the Chicago Cubs World Series Rally | Full Speeches| Courtesy of ABC NEWS on YouTube

Video of thousands of Cubs fans racing to the parade. Courtesy of CNN on YouTube


Saturday Night Live gets real with Cubs and Bill Murray singing ‘Go Cubs Go’
(Cubs in video: Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, Dexter Fowler) Video courtesy of SNL on YouTube



Video of Cubs on SNL that will make you laugh out loud! Courtesy of SNL on YouTube


I hope that in this blog post I was able to share the Cubs World Series experience with you through the text, pictures and videos. Always remember to have faith in your teams you support through ups and downs. This Cubs victory gives hope to the teams we thought were once a lost cause but… ANYTHING can HAPPEN if you just BELIEVE.

Until The Next Time,
Your SportsChic
~Kiersten Ehr~
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Enjoy your fall season 🙂





LeBron Keeps Promise And Brings Championship To Cleveland

By: Kiersten Ehr

On June 19th, 2016, history was made and brought to Cleveland, Ohio.

You could say one man was behind it, LeBron James. The “King” of the NBA. If you don’t know who LeBron James is, well you probably haven’t watched any NBA games since 2003 when he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers directly out of high school.

The Gist Of It

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Championship defeating the Golden State Warriors 93-89 in Sunday’s  Game 7.

What you should take away from this defeat:

  • No team had ever rallied from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA finals — until Sunday night (Cavs were the underdog in this series)
  • Cavaliers first championship in franchise history
  • City of Cleveland’s first major sports title since 1964
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.45.19 PM
Screenshot from Twitter

The “King” At His Best

  • Who will argue that Game 7 wasn’t LeBron’s biggest game of his career?
    LeBron James reminded NBA fans that he’s LeBron and he’s currently trying to catch up to Michael Jordan who had six NBA Championships (Chicago Bulls: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998) in his career. LeBron is half way there with three championships.
  • LeBron was named the Finals MVP after scoring 27 points, 11 rebounds, and racking up 11 assists.
    According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver the vote was unanimous. LeBron had his moment while he kissed the court, and shed tears of happiness with his fellow teammates.

    LeBron Back At Home

Just for a quick recap, LeBron James was drafted with the 1st overall pick in the NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003. James stayed in his hometown with the Cavs until 2010 when he decided to sign with Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat organization. In 2010  LeBron faced criticism for leaving the Cavaliers and his hometown of Cleveland. While playing for the Miami Heat he won two NBA Championships back-to-back (2012, 2013).

Cavaliers Came Back For Revenge

  • A year ago the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors were in the same place fighting for the NBA Championship
  • The Warriors had their first title since 1975 as they won in six games (4–2)  in the 2015 Finals over the Cavs (Warriors’ first title in 40 years and their fourth in franchise history)
  • Cavaliers defeated the Warriors in the 2016 Finals despite the fact that Golden State set the record for the most wins in a regular season with a 73-9 record

Scores From 2016 NBA Finals

  • Game 1 – Warriors 104-89 Cavs
  • Game 2- Warriors 110-77 Cavs
  • Game 3- Cavs 120-90 Warriors
  • Game 4- Warriors 108- 97 Cavs
  • Game 5- Cavs 112-97 Warriors
  • Game 6- Cavs 115-101 Warriors
  • Game 7- Cavs 93-89 Warriors (Cleveland won 4-3 in series)

LeBron James reported today prior to the Cavs’ championship parade that he has no plans to leave the Cavaliers.

According to, LeBron James said, “I love it here. I love being here. I love my teammates. I’ve got no plans to go nowhere at this point.”

The Future For LeBron

  • LeBron can become a free agent if he decides to not exercise the one-year, $24 million player’s option in his contract
  • James can decide to decline the option on June 29th to get a raise from the Cavs …James can make $30 million next season under a new contract
  • Free agents can begin negotiating with teams starting July 1st and can sign July 7th

“This is the happiest time in my life right now,” James said.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.44.00 PM
Courtesy of

Since the NBA Finals are over fans can look forward to the 2016 NBA Draft Thursday, June23 at 7:00 PM CT on ESPN. Let the regular season countdown begin!

Until The Next Time,
Your SportsChic
~Kiersten Ehr~
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Enjoy your summer 🙂


Spring Football is Coming to End

Check out my Texas State Football recap! Go Bobcats

KTSW 89.9

By Kiersten Ehr
Sports Contributor

Photo by Kiersten Ehr. Photo by Kiersten Ehr.

“Effort, effort, effort. Find a way to get better.”

These are the words that Associate Head Coach-Linebackers Coach John Wiley shouts at the start of spring camp practice to the players who are proving themselves to hopefully be chosen to play during fall season.

Blasting in the background are the lyrics, “Say your prayers little one, don’t forget, my son, to include everyone” from the famous “Enter Sandman” from Metallica, as head coach Everett Withers gave his players a pep talk.

During every practice, Withers gives his players a pep talk along with implanting the values to ensure it becomes a habit in memory on and off the field for the athletes. The core values are honesty, treating women with respect, no weapons, no drugs and no stealing. Welcome to the Everett Withers era of Texas State football ladies and gentlemen.

Success on the field…

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Lights, Camera, Action

By: Kiersten Ehr
March 31, 2016

Hello my amazing friends, fans and followers.

It’s Kiersten Ehr your favorite SportsChic and I’m just updating you on what I’ve been up to lately within the sports world.


Get To Know SportsChic

Logo Created By: Rachel Sansing, Cover Art By: Jerome Bartlett
  • Only child born & raised in San Antonio, Texas (PROUD Native Texan) Spurs fan
  • My entire family is from Wisconsin
  • Born &  raised Green Bay Packers fan (My dad’s best friend has Packers season tickers right by the Lambeau Leap section in the end-zone… This is the way I get to see Packer games in Green Bay. Pretty amazing.
  • My dad’s father who I call Boppa is an alum from Notre Dame University in South Bend (Ever since I was a little girl I grew up watching Notre Dame football and basketball)

Balancing College & Sports Internships

Part One:

I currently work for Spurs Sports & Entertainment as a marketing intern (I help out with the Snap Chat account at @SanAntonioFC as well as taking pictures and videos for the team)for the new USL San Antonio Football Club which is basically owned by the Spurs. This is a soccer team that hopes to become a Major League Soccer team in the future.
~Here are some exclusive pictures that I captured for the San Antonio Football Club. We are very excited that this week is the first game for the regular season, and April 9th will be the home opener at the Toyota Field!

~You can check out the San Antonio Football Club at their website   Twitter @SanAntonioFC   Instagram @SanAntonioFC Snapchat @SanAntonioFC Facebook @San Antonio FC

Part Two:

I have another internship with Time Warner Cable News for the San Antonio location. Part of the internship allows me to attend a wide range of sports events. For example I can go to all the Spurs home games… yes I’m beyond blessed considering they are the Spurs and will most likely be in the NBA Championship series this year.
Here are some Exclusive pictures I have captured this year with TWC News. Enjoy! P.s. I went to the Biggest regular season game in the history of the NBA (Warriors at Spurs 3/19/16). Yes, I will also be going to the NBA playoff games when the Spurs are home (pretty amazing).

I hope you have a GRAND day and don’t forget to watch the Final Four in March Madness this weekend!

*Final 4 is in Houston, Texas at the NRG Stadium (Representing Texas :))
The first game will start at 5:00 p.m. with #2 Villanova Wildcats vs. #2 Oklahoma Sooners, and game 2 will start at 7:50 p.m. featuring the #1 North Carolina Tar Heels vs. #10 Syracuse Orangemen. Both games will be televised on TBS).

Until The Next Time,
Your SportsChic,
~Kiersten Ehr~
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Photo By: Tony Morano

Having Peace With Your Career Path

By: Kiersten Ehr
Jan. 25. 2016


First off I know that since it’s a new year some people may feel anxious, nervous, stressed out if you have a new job, looking for a job, feel too old but still need to work or simply have no idea what you want to do with your life…

I have some helpful advice for you to feel more positive and optimistic about your career path.

Even I admit at first I was anxious to pursue a career in sports broadcasting that consists of mainly men, but you know what I made a name for myself with my strong work ethic, and so can you!


During my orientation at my new internship for Time Warner Cable in Austin, I met the News Director Micheal Pearson who gave incredible advice about keeping humility. Mr. Pearson told the interns he jumped into a new career path from print journalism to broadcast television in San Antonio at about the age of 40.
With no education in mass communication only in journalism, at Texas State (Go Bobcats) Mr. Pearson said that he once  worked a 3 a.m. shift since that was the entry level position at that time.  Having shown humility to work his way up, Mr. Pearson proved himself at the age of 40 when he was up against 20-year- olds. Now Mr. Pearson is the News Director for Time Warner Cable in Austin.
The moral of the story is that people notice when you show humility, initiative and determination to reach your goals. 

I encourage all of you to make sure you find a job or career you are absolutely passionate about, because you don’t want to live with regrets of “what ifs” friends.
Even if you have a job that pays less than $10 an hour but you love what you do- then stick with what you love. Money doesn’t equal happiness. 


I found these amazing quotes that prove that you should live a life you love.
The famous saying goes, “LOVE WHAT YOU DO.” 

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs 

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” – Maya Angelou


“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

-Steve Jobs

Remember to Choose Joy and Find a Job You Love
Until the Next Time,
I’m Kiersten Ehr
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2016. New Year. New Opportunities

Jan. 1. 2016.

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2016.

I hope that your 2015 was a year full of joy and happiness.

2015 was a year full of new opportunities and transitions in my life.
The most important thing I learned from 2015—

“If you work hard enough and assert yourself, and use your mind and imagination, you can shape the world to your desires.” – Malcolm Gladwell 

Nothing is ever handed to you— that’s just reality. But you know that YOU CAN ACHIEVE GREATNESS if you have the desire and motivation. 


PicMonkey Collage

SportsChic in 2015: WOAI Sports Internship, Spurs games, Texas State football sideline reporting,In NYC during Thanksgiving, Packer game at Lambeau Field


Count Your Blessings

Through my blog I have used my love for sports to communicate with all types of sports fans throughout the world. Sportschic101 has over 2,000 followers including people from England, Scotland, Brazil, and Mexico.

SportsChic Tip: Social Media can be your best friend if you use it correctly to communicate with your followers and promote your brand. The ability to talk with people from all over the world is pretty brilliant.


New year resolutions are sometimes overrated… but I really want to encourage you to stay positive and optimistic to set some goals. Most importantly assert yourself.

If that includes eating healthier, working out on a regular basis or simply helping others more often then go for it!

SportsChic Goals: 

  1. Maintain Healthy Diet
  2. Give Back To Others
  3. Grow My Empire (Brand)
  4. Get a Sports Summer Internship
  5. Don’t Stress On My Future. Patience is a virtue.
  6. Smile & Laugh More. No Time to Worry on My Watch.

Ultimate Goal— Encourage others to follow and join the sports community via social media. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.51.51 PM                                           Created by Kiersten Ehr via

May your year be bright and full of happiness.

Until The Next Time,
I’m Kiersten Ehr
Your SportsChic

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Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas From Texas

Dec. 25. 2015

Just wanted to wish all my SportsChic followers a very Merry Christmas.

Today’s a day to rest and stay at home away from all the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Even if you’ve had a stressed year, or had heart ache or ups and downs this year…Christmas is that time of the year we can all be thankful for family and friends and most importantly the  birth of the most precious baby boy that was created.

SportsChic is very happy! Santa and family brought all Packer gear for Christmas.

I hope you got what you wanted this Christmas, hopefully you had time to sleep and watch some classic Christmas movies. My favorite is Christmas Vacation… I attached the link to the intro of the movie it’s a classic.


Even though this weather is beyond un-fashion friendly with all our sweaters and scarfs in the closest, at least the majority of the country isn’t freezing their butts off. For example it’s 80 here in south central Texas… Like what is that?!

Word of The Wise: I think EVERYONE should go see Star Wars Force Awakens ASAP. Umm it’s totally brill. The movie has already grossed $363,460,329 in about a week. GO SEE IT and take the family along.

SportsChic rocking her Star Wars leggings after seeing The Force Awakens on Christmas

Merry Christmas,
Be Blessed & Stay Thankful Everyday

~Kiersten Ehr

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RECAP: Texas State Football Head Coach Dennis Franchione Retires After 40 Years Of Coaching

By: Kiersten Ehr

SAN MARCOS– Texas State University students and alumni awoke to the news Tuesday that football head coach Dennis Franchione will be stepping down from coaching for the Bobcats after the 2015 football season with a record of 3-9.

Photo Credit: Kiersten Ehr- Texas State Head Coach Dennis Franchione pictured with quarterback Tyler Jones 2015. 


Franchione emailed the entire Texas State football team that he is retiring from coaching football after his five seasons coaching the Bobcats in San Marcos, Texas.


Career At A Glance

Franchione took over the head coach position for Texas State in 2011 to help with the transition for Texas State, after jumping into new conferences.

Texas State was part of the Division 1-AA Southland Conference 1987-2012, WAC (Western Athletic Conference) Division 1-A 2012-2013,  and then moved in the Sun Belt Conference Division 1 FBS (NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, formerly known as Division I-A, is the top level of college football in the United States).

Coach Fran in his five years had two bowl eligible seasons  with Texas State with an overall 20-28 record for the Bobcats. However, Texas State was not selected for any bowl games.

Through thick and thin, the 2015 season was Franchione’s worst season, record wise, which made the Bobcats end up 10th for the Sun Belt Conference.

Before coming to Texas State, Fran had experience coaching at Texas A&M, Texas Christian University, Alabama, New Mexico, Southwestern College and Pittsburg State.

Franchione coached for a career total of 40 years.

One of only four active coaches with 200 victories.

Fran has a 210-126-2 overall record and even helped set the stepping stones for the successful football careers of NFL potential hall of fame  players Brian Urlacher and LaDainian Tomlinson.

Brain Urlacher- Photo Credit:
LaDainian Tomlinson



Texas State originally offered Franchione a five year extension contract before the 2013 season began, but with an embarrassing 3-9 season that ended too soon…Fran will now leave Texas State with two years left in his contract which will open the door for a new coach to come in and take over.

A Texas State football player requested anonymously today that he was surprised that Franchione decided to step down.

“When I first heard the news I was shocked. I feel like coach Fran still should be the coach, and with out a doubt he would of gotten the team back on track. Now for far as future hopes for the team( Texas State) I know they will be a good team next year. The team recruited some good players.”
-Texas State football player 

The question that all Texas State University students, alumni, fans and staff will ponder is who will be the next head coach for the Texas State University football program and lead us back to a winning season?

Photo Credit: Kiersten Ehr 

What are your thoughts and opinions on this bold move by Franchione? Let me know on Twitter @KierstenEhr  #SportsChic

Until The Next Time,
I’m Kiersten Ehr
Your SportsChic


Stay Motivated On Your Passion

By: Kiersten Ehr
December 3, 2015

As I take on the role of being your go-to-girl for sports through a female’s perspective, I want to go on a rant about staying on the right track.

Word of the wise


Kiersten Ehr at the Spurs game 12/2/15 

Through my sports internship through WOAI News 4/ KABB Fox 29 in San Antonio I have had the opportunity to go to a couple of Spurs home games. I learned that shooting a stand-up is incredibly difficult as a sports reporter. It takes so much time and preparation to nail your perfect speech in front of the camera.

My point is to not give up if a task in front of you seems impossible!

I’m fairly fluent with sports and creating a perfect stand-up sound bite is difficult for me, BUT no one is perfect. We humans mess up but we learn from our mistakes to make us BETTER and more over all well rounded.

The Gist Of It: Even I (SportsChic) don’t have all the answers, but I’m telling you in order to get where you want in life you have to push the boundaries and prove to others in the field you want to pursue that you’re a GO-GETTER.

Go for what you want in life.

The worst that could happen is that you at least tried. I would rather say I tried and made effort rather then sitting back in a recliner when I’m old living in regret.

Make A Goal. Achieve It. Go Above And Beyond.
We Have One Life. Make the Most From It. 


Bobcats Send Off Seniors With A Win

ICYMI: Check out my post on the Texas State football team ~SportsChic

Photos taken by Kiersten Ehr


KTSW 89.9

by Kiersten Ehr
KTSW Sports

Quarterback Tyler Jones. Photo by Kiersten Ehr Quarterback Tyler Jones. Photo by Kiersten Ehr

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS – Two Touchdown passes from Quarterback Tyler Jones to Tightend Lawrence White led Texas State over UL-Monroe 16-3 Thursday night to close out Texas State’s home schedule and break a three game losing streak. The Bobcats recognized 27 seniors before the opening kickoff and debuted black jerseys for the fans and a national ESPNU audience.

“The guys loved them,” head coach Dennis Franchione said. “It was a good change up for them and a great surprise for them. I think it got them hyped up a little bit before the game because they didn’t know before they walked into the locker room.”

Texas State moved to 3-7 on the year and 2-4 in the conference.

“It was a good win for the Bobcats,” Franchione said. “I’m proud of the guys and I’m happy for the…

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Texas State Eliminated from Bowl Eligibility, Continues with Team Pride

Check out my new sports article ~SportsChic

KTSW 89.9

by: Kiersten Ehr
Sports Reporter

texas state bobcats Photo by Kiersten Ehr

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS– The Texas State football team entered Saturday’s game facing conference opponent Georgia State, who shared their 2-6 record. This was a match-up that could determine who still had any hope of being bowl eligible. Both teams would have to win four games in the row in the second half of the season to be considered for a bowl.

What Happened: Texas State got the wind knocked out of them through the air as the team battled the Panther’s powerhouse offense, ultimately losing 41-19 at Bobcat Stadium. The Bobcats move on to being 2-7 overall and 1-4 in the Sun Belt Conference.

Georgia State senior quarterback Nick Arbuckle pounced on the Bobcats, having a career night passing for 471 yards and throwing four Panther touchdowns. Arbuckle led the Panthers to a school-record 644 yards, this was the second…

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Texas State Recognizes “T” Association Hall of Honor Inductees and 2005 Southland Conference Champions

Check out my latest blog post. ~SportsChic

KTSW 89.9

by Kiersten Ehr
Sports Reporter

T association 2015 “T” Association 2015 Hall of Honor Inductees L-R: Billy Hall, Jeff Novak, Ervin Thomas, and Charlie Sharps niece accepting his award on his families behalf. Photo by Kiersten Ehr.

SAN MARCOS- In honor of the 2005 Southland Conference Champions, Texas State Athletics celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the 2005 Bobcat Football team during halftime of Texas State’s home game vs. Georgia State at Bobcat Stadium.

The 2005 Southwest Texas State University team is remembered for having the Bobcats’ most successful season during their time in the FCS (Football College System).

In addition, Texas State Athletics also recognized the new “T” Association Hall of Honor inductees during Saturday’s match-up against Georgia State.

Getting inducted into the Hall of Honor is the highest athletic honor given to Texas State athletic alumni. Inductees consisted of football stars Billy Hall, Jeff Novak and Ervin Thomas, along with basketball legend Charlie…

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Madison Daigle Awarded the Sun Belt Conference Freshman of the Week

KTSW 89.9

by Kiersten Ehr
Sports Reporter

Texas State volleyball middle blocker, Madison Daigle, has just been awarded the Sun Belt Conference Freshman of the Week recognition.

volleyball Photo by Kiersten Ehr

Louisiana native, Daigle won her second award this season having shown such an outstanding performance over UL Lafayette, as she helped the Bobcats in a 3-0 shutout victory over the Raging Cajuns.

In fact, the Bobcats had two consecutive games with shutouts in Louisiana; the first being 3-0 over UL Monroe last Thursday.

This is the third award for Texas State this season after defensive specialist, Sierra Smith, was awarded Defensive Student-Athlete of the Week.

Freshman Daigle averaged nine kills per match, ending with 18 kills for the week. In addition, she had a .349 hitting percentage.

On Saturday against UL Lafayette, Daigle stood out with nine kills with two errors on 17 attempts for a .412 hitting percentage.

Daigle was tied for…

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Historic Kick-Six Gives Bobcats Their First Conference Win

FYI: A “Kick-Six” refers to the Alabama vs. Auburn game played on Nov. 30, 2013.  

||The game was notable for its ending|| Auburn tied the game 28–28 with 32 seconds remaining.With one second remaining in regulation, Alabama missed a 57-yard field goal. Auburn’s Chris Davis caught the errant kick and returned it 100 yards (under NCAA rules) to the opposite end zone, scoring a touchdown; the runback tied LSU’s Odell Beckham Jr.‘s record-setting 100 yard return that same season. 

Gist of It: Auburn made history and returned a missed field goal from Alabama and ran for a 100 yard return for a touchdown in the final second of the game.

KTSW 89.9

by Kiersten Ehr
Sports Reporter

Texas state Bobcats football Photo by Kiersten Ehr

SAN MARCOS, Texas — A victorious win for the Texas State football team came from a night with what seemed like never ending rain in the forecast. Loyal Bobcat fans brought out their ponchos and umbrellas and endured weather conditions to watch the second win this season for Texas State. With key plays from quarterback Tyler Jones, running back Robert Lowe and cornerback Brandon McDowell the Bobcats secured a much needed conference win 36-18 over South Alabama at Bobcat Stadium Saturday night. Texas State improves to 2-4 overall and 1-1 in the Sun Belt Conference.

Points to Highlight for the Bobcats

On the third possession of the game for Texas State, quarterback Tyler Jones stood out and had five rushes for 56 yards, with five first downs. Jones ran in the end zone for the Bobcats first touchdown of the game in…

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Texas State Volleyball Battles to Victory in 5-set Duel

KTSW 89.9

by Kiersten Ehr
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volleyball Photo by Kiersten Ehr

The Bobcats kept their loyal fans at Strahan Coliseum on their feet the entire night as Texas State and UT Arlington battled to the finish playing five sets on the night. The volleyball team won the last set to finish the night with a well deserved win after a two and a half hour match (set 1: 30-28, set 2: 25-19, set 3: 25-27, set 4: 20-25, set 5: 15-13).

Head coach Karen Chisum mentioned that four of her girls finished with double-digit kills on the night (Jordan Kohl with 24 kills, Kelsey Weynand with 22 kills, Morgan Lewis with 11 kills, and Lauren Kirch with 10 kills.) Texas State now moves onto 11-8 on the season and 6-1 in the Sun Belt Conference (third place right under Appalachian State holding the second place mark).

Chisum was in relief coming to…

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Bobcat’s Trampled in Houston

Recap from the epic football match-up
Texas State vs The University of Houston
By: Kiersten Ehr ||SportsChic||
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KTSW 89.9

by Kiersten Ehr
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Texas state vs. university of houston Photo by Kiersten Ehr

Houston— The Texas State football team faced the University of Houston Saturday night in the 1-year old $120 million TDECU Stadium overlooking the Houston skyline for a non-conference match-up. The Bobcats were trampled 59-14 by the Cougars in front of a home crowd of 35,257.

There were plenty of Texas State fans that drove up from San Marcos to watch this epic match-up in Houston, as these two teams haven’t played since 2012, with Texas State winning 30-13.  As I was walking around the tailgates, the Bobcat alumni tent was jam-packed with eager fans. Despite the crushing loss, this game was a great opportunity for all Texas State fans around the state to get together as one to cheer on their Bobcats.

The Gist of The Game

The Cougars started the game 7-0 on the opening drive for their first possession…

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Texas State Volleyball Recap

Check out the Texas State volleyball wrap up I wrote for this past weekend’s matches in San Marcos.

KTSW 89.9

by: Kiersten Ehr
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volleyball Photo by Kiersten Ehr

SAN MARCOS— The Texas State volleyball team owned this weekend at Strahan Coliseum as the Bobcats won two straight conference matches.

Texas State vs. Georgia State

The Bobcats won their first match in the Sun Belt Conference Friday night 3-1 over the Georgia State Panthers. (Set 1: 25-20, Set 2: 25-18, Set 3: 20-25, Set 4: 25-17)

On Friday night Erin Hoppe (sophomore, setter) proved her spot on the roster with 43 assists (her 2nd best output at Texas State) which averaged 10.75 assists per set. Hoppe also added six digs, five kills and four blocks to help the Bobcats to a victory.

Leading the offense for the Bobcats, Jordan Kohl gave out 14 kills while Morgan Lewis gave the Panthers an astounding offensive run with 13 kills on a .440 hitting percentage (Lewis’s best hitting percentage). On the defensive…

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Jay High School Football Official Blind Sided by Players

Here’s the latest ||SportsChic|| story
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KTSW 89.9

by: Kiersten Ehr
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football field Photo by: Kiersten Ehr

A Texas high school football official, who was blind sided by two players during a game earlier this month, is being accused of using a racial slur towards the players. Officials with the Northside Independent School District said in a news conference they are looking into alleged racist remarks made by the official, Robert Watts.

San Antonio Express News Sports Writer David Hinojosa has been a sports writer since 1992 and says that the saddest part of this whole saga is that is has unfairly cast a black eye on Jay High School, San Antonio and Texas high school football.

Like many others Hinojosa was stunned and in disbelief after watching the video at first glance.

“My first thought was, what possessed two football players to intentionally hurt a referee? To me, that’s the big question that needs to be answered,”…

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Jaliyah Bolden Named to the Crosstown Challenge All-Tournament Team

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KTSW 89.9

By: Kiersten Ehr
KTSW Sports Reporter

voleyball Photo by Kiersten Ehr

Jaliyah Bolden was recently named to the Crosstown Challenge All-Tournament Team during the SMU/TCU Crosstown Challenge. This is Bolden’s first year starting for Texas State volleyball under head coach Karen Chisum.

Kiersten Ehr: Who or what inspired you to start playing volleyball?

Jaliyah Bolden: My dad inspired me. I played basketball forever. Then third grade is when I started volleyball. I started to play just as something to do with my friends, and I actually really started to like it.

KE: Who is your role model?

JB: My parents for sure, they support me in everything. It’s the most cliche thing to say, but they are always at every game including driving and flying to every game.

KE: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

JB: Whenever you’re tired that’s when you push…

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NFL Draft Houston Texans Team Needs

My blog post for KTSW 89.9–
Get ready for the NFL Draft on Thursday April 30th at 7-10 p.m. on KTSW 89.9 for a live show from Bobcat Nation & Grille from the hosts of Bobcat Radio as they bring on live experts to analyze the draft. The draft will also be televised on ESPN and the NFL Network. Get ready for the kickoff for the NFL draft. Are you ready for a night of history? Be apart of this epic night.

KTSW 89.9

By Kiersten Ehr
KTSW Sports

Draft day is almost here for the 2015 NFL Draft starting April 30th-May 2nd. This year the NFL draft is being held a week earlier from last year which may help with less speculation over draft picks. The Houston Texans have the 16th pick (assuming no trades), and again at 50th and 82nd on Friday. Last year for the 2014 season the 9-7, Texans did not make the playoffs even from the valiant effort from J.J Watt on the defensive end. Here are my predictions on what the Texans will address and focus on at the draft Thursday night at 7 p.m.

Houston Texans- Holes to fill and cracks to patch:


Biggest need is Quarterback. Frankly the quarterback position is the most important position on the roster. The Texans have tons of unanswered questions here and they are seeking a potential leader for their…

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Ariel Ortiz is making a name for herself

Check out my story on Ariel Ortiz- the freshman star for Texas State Softball. She’s already been named the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Week. You go girl!

KTSW 89.9

By Kiersten Ehr

Ariel Ortiz wears her #2 Texas State Softball jersey with pride as a freshman shortstop playing in the collegiate level. Ortiz is already making a name for herself on the roster and in the conference as she has started in all 43 games this season for the Bobcats. Her batting statistics received recognition in the first week of the season as she was named the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Week when she went 11-for-17 with three home runs, one triple, five doubles, seven RBI’s, and nine runs scored, all of which marked team highs in a weekend series. She continues to help out her team in game winning situations.

Growing up, Ortiz found a passion in baseball which carried onto a love for softball. Ortiz decided to stop playing ball with the boys as she found a new sport that would soon make her a…

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ICYMI: Perfection for Rupp and Texas State

Check out my story on Randi Rupp’s perfect game.

KTSW 89.9

By Kiersten Ehr

Bobcat Softball Stadium erupted in excitement Wednesday evening, as Randi Rupp pitched her first perfect game in her college career striking out nine batters. In fact, it was Texas State’s first perfect game since 2008, as the Cats beat Houston Baptist 12-to-nothing. Head coach Ricci Woodard  shared her thoughts on the tremendous accomplishment from her freshman pitcher Randi Rupp.

Randi has been a little frustrated with the way she’s been pitching, so I think that was big for her for one to let go of that frustration to come out and pitch and pitch well, number two it gives her confidence going into this weekend.” Woodard said.” That’s another  kid who works her tail end off she will do whatever you ask her to do she works hard at it. It’s nice to see those kids have success.”

This is Rupp’s second no hitter of the season, her first…

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Rupp Sisters’ Making Early Mark

Check out my interview with these twin sisters on the Texas State softball team. They are already starting almost every game as freshmen.

KTSW 89.9

By Kiersten Ehr
kTSW Sports

Rup sisters and Kiersten Ehr Photo by Shannon Carrico

Interview by Kiersten Ehr

Sarah and Randi Rupp have done everything on the softball field together for 15 years. This year the freshman continue that streak here at Texas State. Pitching for the Bobcats, Randi is already becoming an all star as she threw her 21st complete game and eighth shutout of the season in the Incarnate Word series on April 1st. Her eight shutouts now leads the nation in that category. Randi gets help at the plate as Sarah backs her up as catcher. You can only imagine they are on the same page for success.

The girls have the advantage of reading each others actions and motives during games to help each other in crucial situations. This bondage has grown and continues to grow while playing in a collegiate level. Randi explains how much she relies on Sarah backing…

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Softball Holds on to Victory

Go Bobcats!

KTSW 89.9

By Kiersten Ehr

Texas State softball won at home  last night 4-3 against South land Conference rivals McNeese State Cowgirls.  Ortiz hit a three RBI double in the second to carry on the Bobcats 4-0 in the second inning.  Her double was the 15th one this season which is a team high and a Sun Belt Conference high as well. In the top of the fourth McNeese hit a solo home run on Randi Rupp and later came back in the sixth with a two run shot to make it a 4-3 game. Texas State was able to hold out defensively as pitcher Randi Rupp earned her 14th victory of the season.. “I think they did a good job. I think we just didn’t get momentum going today. Every time we got into a situation to try to get some momentum going we didn’t execute” said Head Coach Ricci Woodard. Woodard went…

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Men’s and Women’s Recap vs South Alabama

My take on a Texas State Women’s Basketball game.

KTSW 89.9

By: Kiersten Ehr

Light up the star on Jackson Hall!


Women’s Basketball-

The women’s basketball team won 46-44 over the South Alabama Jaguars Wednesday night in a road game in Mobile Alabama at the Mitchell Center.  The Bobcats are now on a one game-winning streak as Texas State has improved to 13-8 overall and 8-4 in Sun Belt Conference play.

At half the Bobcats were down 18-24 over the Jaguars, but finished the second half with 28 points over the Jaguars 20. Junior guard #1 Ayriel Anderson led the team to victory with a floor-high of 16 points.

Texas State finished the game with a high of 45 rebounds compared to 42 by the Jaguars. Senior #35 Erin People’s finished with eight points and junior #21 Kileah Mays ended with a team-high nine rebounds. The Women’s team will be back in action Saturday in UALR at 3 p.m.


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