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Green Bay Packers Smallest Market in NFL With Most Committed Fans in Football

By: Kiersten Ehr


Welcome to Green Bay, Wisconsin

My parents surprised me with a ticket to the home game for the Chargers vs. Packers game on October 18th, 2015 (my early christmas gift). I took tons of pictures and videos so my fans and readers can get a glimpse of what makes the Packers so special.

The Green Bay Packers get more respect as a National Football League franchise than any other professional NFL team in my opinion. Whether you are a Dallas Cowboys fan or a Chicago Bears fan the majority of fans and teams respect the legendary Packers.

SportsChic in the end zone in row 6


The rich history of the Packers includes names such as  head coach Vince Lombardi (1st to win the Super Bowl), Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Brett Favre and now Aaron Rodgers in his prime.

SportsChic with the new Lambeau leap statue


The interesting tidbit about the Packers is that Green Bay has a population of a little over 100,000 with exceptional loyal fans. It is the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team based in the United States.

Keep in mind this is a city of 104,000 people, with a waiting list for Packers’ season tickets of 112,000.

  • According to CBSNEWS.com, the Packers are the only NFL team owned by their fans — 36,000 of them from all around the world own 5 million shares.
  • The money allows the Packers to remain competitive with large-market teams, and most important, to remain in Green Bay. (My dad has been on the wait list for decades and still is waiting for his number to be called for season tickets). 
A beautiful sight for all football fans

Packer history

The Packers have won 13 league championships, the most in NFL history, including nine NFL titles prior to the Super Bowl era and four Super Bowl victories—in 1967 (Super Bowl I), 1968 (Super Bowl II), 1997 (Super Bowl XXXI) and 2011 (Super Bowl XLV).

Tailgating in style! A whole garage made into a professional tailgating business

Have you ever heard of professional tailgating?

Well it’s real.
Fans in Green Bay take tailgating to a whole different level— people pay a ton of money to get an all you can eat buffet right before the Packer game. The food was amazing you’re talking about the works (hamburgers, hot dogs, shrimp, meatballs, fruit, cake, brownies, beer on tap, grilled veggies, cheese, cheese, and more cheese).

Now you have a better understanding of why the Green Bay Packers are a well respected franchise and why they have some of the best loyal fans in the world.
||I’m a PROUD native Texan Packer cheesehead fan||
Go Pack Go

Until the next time,
Kiersten Ehr ||SportsChic||


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WORLD CUP: She believes in the U.S.A.

By: Kiersten Ehr


July 5th, 2015 marked a historic night for #TEAMUSA in Vancouver.

The U.S. Women’s National Team will be partying like its 1999. Team USA beat Japan 5-2 in the World Cup final.

Photo Credit: @ussoccer_wnt

In just three minutes into the game — U.S. center midfielder Carli Lloyd scored three goals (hat trick) in the World Cup final against Japan.

Photo Credit: @ussoccer_wnt

“We just made history. I was on a mission,” Lloyd said Monday on “CBS This Morning. “It was just an epic win and we created history.”
“(I) did imagine playing in a World Cup final and scoring four goals or so,” Lloyd said. “It’s amazing what the mind can do and I was just focused and wanted to come here and help my team win in any way I could.”

#USWNT now has three Women’s World Cup titles (1991,1999, 2015)

CJMSv65UsAAamtF.jpg 3
Photo Credit: @ussoccer_wnt


  • U.S. held a four-goal lead in the first 16 minutes (Lloyd with hat trick)
  • U.S. lost to Japan in 2011 in penalty kicks (This re-match game was a huge opportunity for the U.S. to get a comeback win)
  • First sellout crowd in a Women’s World Cup final
  • Carli Lyold received the Golden Ball (MVP) as player of the tournament (scored twice in about 135 seconds as #USWNT led 2-0 over Japan in fifth minute)
  • Lauren Holiday made an epic U.S. lead 4-0 with a 54 yard shot from midfield!
    CJOfQFsVEAAbBgS.jpg 3
    Photo Credit: @ussoccer_wnt
    {According to VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP)– It was also the fastest hat trick in World Cup history — men or women — and Lloyd became the first American since Michelle Akers in 1991 to score multiple goals in a World Cup final. The only other hat trick in a World Cup final was when England’s Geoff Hurst scored three times against Germany in the men’s 1966 final at Wembley.}
  • Lloyd scored six goals in seven matches during the monthlong tournament, raising her international total to 69.
  • U.S. is 25-1-6 against Japan & a 3-1 advantage in World Cup meeting

Giving back to fans #Shebelieves

ussoccercomSheBelieves.png 1
Photo Credit: http://www.ussoccer.com
The U.S. WNT showed appreciation to their fans during the FIFA World Cup tournament as the U.S. WNT players used the #SheBelieves.

#SheBelieves campaign is a message to young girls that they can accomplish all their goals and dreams that nothing is impossible without believing in yourself.

As a team, we are always excited to be able to positively impact young fans, especially young girls,” said U.S. WNT captain Christie Rampone. “The #SheBelieves initiative allows us to interact with the fans and encourage them to set high goals and strive to reach them no matter what the obstacles.” (Source: http://www.ussoccer.com)

Congratulations to U.S. A.! Now talk about a perfect ending to 4th of July weekend.

Til the next time,
I’m Kiersten Ehr

CJMYZ8tWoAA427c.png large.png 4
Photo Credit: @ussoccer_wnt

American Football…I think yes

Unitas. #8 Young. #4 Favre. #12 Brady. Staubach. #13 Marino. #12 Bradshaw. #18 Manning. #7 Elway. #16 Montana. #12 Rodgers.

For decades America has focused on the beautiful game of American Football. If you live in the U.S.A. it’s just football clear to the point.

Football is a way of life. It’s american culture. It builds character.

My first memory of football started when I was still in a toddler seat sitting next to my dad on the couch- we would watch Notre Dame Football games on Saturday’s as a tradition- turned out that it was one of the few things that made me calm and quiet-
Football tuned out to be an Ehr family tradition- following Green Bay Packer games on Sunday.

It’s hard to describe the sensation that football brings fans. In short it brings communities together to enjoy a common passion…football.

  • To- High school football games bringing thousands of fans in stands roaring and stomping – the band cheering on with cheerleaders on the sidelines- to coaches screaming their heads off at referees- young quarterbacks throwing hail marys while winning state titles- to young men feeling heartbroken after the senior year ends- nothing compares.
  • College football brings whole campuses, communities, student populations, organizations, alumni,  televised broadcasts, and tail-gating into a whole other dimension.
  • Super Fandom- Then you meet the head honchos. The big Kahuna’s. What I like to say- the NFL(National Football League). The NFL provides a network and atmosphere that welcomes fans from all cultures. The NFL’s history is rich in depth and is quite remarkable how the league has transformed over the years. The memorabilia-jerseys- accessories- marketing- commercials- fan base- way of life is an american story.
  • It’s rare to come across broadcaster’s and professionals in the NFL field who can agree on who the best teams are or best players- but– they can all agree that when National Televised Football games are in Green Bay, all the bias talk is out the window
Kiersten's Pictures 1229
Tailgating in 2007.
Kiersten's Pictures 1225
Best food in 2007.
  • Green Bay for those of you who don’t know is remarkably small in population- but FILLED with TRUE Packer fans. The city shuts down on game day- not a soul is walking about- thousands flood to Lambeau Field or to bars to watch the game. I’m a born and raised Packer fan since my whole family descended from the dairy land- the good old Wisconsin.
  • Little interesting fact about the Packers organization (coming across season tickets and even a single ticket can near from impossible; my dad signed up for the season ticket list 15 years ago and his number will be called up when he is 115. The expected waiting list today is 130 years. 
    Football is not just another sport in America. It’s a way of life- bondage- love- passion- dream- goal- hope.My friends,
    I hope that all of you can have a moment in life where a sport can bring you great joy and love that you can share with others.
    – Kiersten

Here’s some funny clips from NFL games. Enjoy!