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Chicago Cubs Fans Soak In World Series Victory

By: Kiersten Ehr
November 10, 2016.

Chicago Cubs fans will forever remember the date November 2, 2016.

Some fans may just make that a new holiday. For the first time since 1908 and having waited 108 years the Cubbies won the World Series. The cursed Chicago Cubs are no more as they absorb the victory of being world champions.

Until last Wednesday, the Cubs only two World Series championships were in 1907 and 1908. As a born and raised Cubs fan, I was used to the Cubs blowing every shot they had in the playoffs and during off season. All Cubs fans can agree that the amount of patience has finally paid off.

Long time Cubs fan Bill Murray said, “I’ve been imagining this for a long time. When the lions at the Art Institute start wearing Cubs hats or Bears helmets you know there’s some sort of magic happening in the city.”

“This is it. This was a long time coming. This is really great,” Murray said.

What some people don’t realize is that this is baseball history not only for the Cubs but for the entire major league baseball operations.

The Chicago Cubs were indeed the preseason favorites to win it all this season. The Cubs won 103 games to take the National League pennant. First the Cubs faced the San Fransisco Giants in the National League Division Series. Next on the Cubs check list was facing the Dodgers in the National League Championship Series to reach the World Series against the Cleveland Indians (Indians still have not won World Series since 1948). What made the World Series so memorable for sports fans was that the Cubs were down 3-1 in the best-of-seven series against the Indians.

In order to win the World Series, Chicago had to win three straight games in a row. Slowly but surely Chicago pulled off an unforgettable 8-7 victory on the road in Cleveland in a five hour game with a 17 minute rain delay.

For as long as I shall live I will never forget the moment that Fox Sports Announcer Joe Buck said, ” The Cubs have finally won it all.”

My Story of being a Cubs fan

For me, I grew up as a native Texan Chicago Cubs fan thanks to my dad who raised me to watch them even when I was a baby. Being a Cubs fan involves having great deal of patience and faith in the team. Now that the Cubs have lifted the hated curse it’s very surreal to know that the Cubs are World Champions. On the night they won I drove back to my parents house from college to watch Game 7 with my dad and mom. The moment the Cubs got the third out to end the game in extra innings the three of us literally jumped up and down and hugged each other in tears of happiness.

My dad and I at a Cubs game at Wrigley Field when I was about eight years old.

There is nothing quite like the bond that sports can bring to families and friends. Witnessing history and following particular teams with people around you is one of the best experiences in life.

Earlier in my blog I mentioned that when it comes to being a sports fan, it does not matter what your religion, political affiliation is or what your beliefs are. All that matters is that sports has the ability to bring wide diverse groups of people together to enjoy a common interest.

Video that captured the game highlights of Game 7 where the Cubs won in the 1oth inning over the Indians. Courtesy of Inside Edition

Cubs Fans Reception of World Series Victory

* I asked some Cubs fans on my Facebook and Twitter of what the Cubs World Series win means to them.








It was estimated that 5 million people attended the Chicago Cubs parade and rally Friday November 4th, 2016 making it the 7th largest gathering in human history according to Fox 32 Chicago.

Video of the Chicago Cubs World Series Rally | Full Speeches| Courtesy of ABC NEWS on YouTube

Video of thousands of Cubs fans racing to the parade. Courtesy of CNN on YouTube


Saturday Night Live gets real with Cubs and Bill Murray singing ‘Go Cubs Go’
(Cubs in video: Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, Dexter Fowler) Video courtesy of SNL on YouTube



Video of Cubs on SNL that will make you laugh out loud! Courtesy of SNL on YouTube


I hope that in this blog post I was able to share the Cubs World Series experience with you through the text, pictures and videos. Always remember to have faith in your teams you support through ups and downs. This Cubs victory gives hope to the teams we thought were once a lost cause but… ANYTHING can HAPPEN if you just BELIEVE.

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Pro baseball is back in action tonight

“There are only two seasons- winter and baseball.” -Bill Veeck

Let the spring baseball fever begin. Baseball fans can now take a sigh of relief as the MLB (Major League Baseball) season is finally here tonight. After waiting since last October in the playoffs watching the San Francisco Giants win the pennant, fans all over the league can grow in excitement and anticipation over the long baseball season.

Why baseball?

Baseball is just like any other sport. Baseball can bring families, friends, peers, co-workers together in conversation, viewing, and even in attending ball games. I grew up watching sporting events with my dad since that was our way of bonding. Baseball is a great sport to take the family to on a lovely spring or summer day. Fans can grab some hot dogs and even tail gate if lucky. Yes watching baseball games takes patience and even more endurance if a game goes over three hours long and sometimes into extra innings. However, this game has been around in American culture for well over a century (Invented in America 1845). If you have never been to a pro ball game or watched a game now is the time to get a new taste for an American classic.

The MLB season consists of:

  • 162 games for each of the 30 teams in the American League & National League
  • Played over approximately 180 days
  • A total of 2430 games
  • Season runs through early April to late September, followed by the October postseason

Opening night at a glance

The St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois. The game will be telecast on ESPN2 @7:05 P.M CDT. This will be the first regular season game of the year and also it’s Easter Sunday. Eager fans can gather around the television and watch this historic rivalry face off. In this rivalry the Cubs and Cardinals have played a total of 2,344 games. Chicago holds the winning record over St. Louis with  (W) 1,189-1,136(L). The Cardinals won the last four series vs. the Cubs.

This is not the season to underestimate the Chicago Cubs. They have not won the World Series since 1908—— but the Cubs have a new pitcher that has sparked headline interest. Jon Lester is a 31-year-old  starting pitcher (from the Boston Red Sox) that has signed with the Cubs for a six-year, $155 million deal. While with the Red Sox, Lester has won 2X World Series, 3X All Star (2010, 2011,  2014), win-loss record 116-67, strikeouts 1,457 and an ERA (earned run average) of 3.58.

The good old Wrigley Field


Wrigley Field. This name sparks conversation amongst baseball fans with great pride. The Chicago Cubs home is the second-oldest ball park in the MLB right behind Boston’s Fenway Park. Built in 1914, Wrigley hosted some of the greatest baseball figures in history— Babe Ruth (the ‘Great Gambino’). The vines on the outfield wall are from 1937! Tourists visit this little spot of heaven in Chicago who don’t even like baseball—- why you might ask? Simply because it can be a bragging right. You can say “I’ve been to Wrigley Field.” In fact I’ve been  to Wrigley Field.

My dad and I on top of Wrigley Field

I have followed the Chicago Cubs & Milwaukee Brewers since my family is based in the dairy land (Wisconsin) and I remember waking up each morning reading the box score summaries of my favorite teams and players. Baseball fans enjoy predicting who will win the the next World Series in October. So what are you waiting for? Who do you predict? I’ve got the Washington Nationals.

“A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz.” – Humphrey Bogart

Epic battle deserves praise for #TXST baseball

A great spring night for baseball:

After a tough 6-4 Texas State loss to No. 10 UT Longhorns- the Texas State Bobcats who overall have a record of  10-13-1- almost prevailed with a win that would go down in history.


I made sure that I had all my homework done to watch this sold out & PACKED game. My goodness I barely found a seat. Luckily some very kind gentleman moved down for me. I had never seen Texas State fans sitting next to UT fans-but if you’re desperate for a seat it comes with the game.


Texas State was up 2-0 for the first two innings then let UT bat around making the game quite a nail biter for fans. Then it just came down to not scoring runs on base. UT is No. 10 for a reason and have always been Texas State rivals, but the Bobcats gave the Longhorns quite a scare for a while. The fact that TXST almost beat UT is a pretty great accomplishment. To go through pitcher after pitcher for UT- they knew the Bobcats wouldn’t give up without a fight.


As a fan and spectator for entertainment purposes- I absolutely loved the environment around the stadium. I watched fathers with their daughters and sons bond over the game while explaining baseball rules- I heard cheering to singing to songs in between innings- smelled delicious hot dogs- witnessed selfies being taken- clapping- standing up in applause. These are classic moments that make even the closest baseball games all worth the time you spend watching.

Great job Bobcats. Your fans are proud of your hard work.