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What to expect for the 2015-2016 Spurs and Rockets schedule

By: Kiersten Ehr


opening up the season

The Spurs open the 2015-2016 basketball season away from home, for just the second time since 2006, when they will travel to Oklahoma City (Thunder) on Oct. 28.

Interesting info–The last time the Spurs opened on the road, San Antonio beat the New Orleans (Pelicans) in 2012-13.
The newbie Spur LaMarcus Aldridge,  will make his return back to Portland on Wednesday, Nov. 11  (Aldridge left Portland on free-agency and signed with SA… biggest NBA free-agent this past summer–Aldridge spent nine seasons with the Blazers before he signed with the Spurs in July). 

a christmas matchup

San Antonio will play one of their biggest Western Conference rivals on Christmas night Dec. 25th. The Spurs will be in Houston facing the Rockets at 7 p.m.

facing defending NBA Champions 

San Antonio will face the defending champion Golden State Warriors four times.  The dates will be March 19 and April 10, 2016,  at the AT&T Center and Jan. 25 and April 7 at Golden State.

Lebron match-up

They will play Cleveland twice in 16 days, on Jan. 14 at the AT&T Center and Jan. 30 in Cleveland.

Rodeo Road Trip

This year’s  annual “Rodeo Road” trip will cover eight road games in 18 days. San Antonio will play two games in Florida before the All-Star break, then six games against Western Conference teams before returning home on March 2 against Detroit.


The Spurs  will have 21 games on National TV in 2015-16: three on ABC, nine on TNT and nine on ESPN

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.20.20 PM
Spurs 2015-2016 schedule– Credit to ESPN
  • The Spurs have 17 back-to-back games scheduled for 2015-16, down from 21 in 2014-15
  • For all you Spurs fans don’t worry the Spurs schedule allows 12 Saturday games of the Spurs 41 home games, including five straight Saturday games from Nov. 7 to Dec. 5
  • The Spurs finish the regular season with a back-to-back, facing Oklahoma City at home on April 12 and playing at Dallas on April 13

Photo Credit: NBA.com

rockets open up the season

Their season will open at home Oct. 28 against the Denver Nuggets (Dwight Howard is already certain to miss this game while serving his one-game suspension for his flagrant fouls in last season’s playoffs).

The Rockets will face the defending champions the Golden State Warriors Oct. 30 in “the rematch” of the Western Conference Finals at the Toyota Center.

The Rockets first road game will take them to visit the Heat in Miami Nov. 1.

home for the holidays

  • The Rockets will be home for Christmas… but it won’t be easy with the past 2 NBA champions (Warriors and Spurs) headed to the Toyota Center
  • Houston will host San Antonio on Christmas Day in a 7 p.m. ESPN game and the Warriors in their annual New Year’s Eve game
  • The Rockets will be featured on several of the NBA’s showcase nights
  • The first meeting with their Western Conference semifinals opponent will be Nov. 7 in Los Angeles. Rockets will play their first round opponent from the previous season— the Dallas Mavericks, a week later in Toyota Center.

Houston will be featured on ten ESPN games, two ABC games and seven TNT games

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.19.41 PM
Rockets 2015-2016 schedule— Credit to ESPN

Rockets FAce LEBRON

Their home game against Eastern Conference champion Cavaliers will be Jan. 15.

closing the regular season

Rockets will be at home hosting the Sacramento Kings on April 13.

Photo Credit: Wallconvert.com



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Lebron James Makes History With Fifth Consecutive NBA Finals Appearance

By: Kiersten Ehr

He did it again people. The rockstar some call- one of the many famous faces of the NBA (National Basketball Association) has proven his talent in the playoffs. 

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated
  • Whether you are a fan of Lebron or you are tired of seeing him in the media- get used to it. He is a well talented player in his prime. Remember Michael Jordan in the 90’s with 6x Championships, and a 6x Finals MVP? Well Lebron is looking for his chance to add to his success. He is no where close to surpassing Jordan, but he’s still only 30 years old. After last year in the finals with the San Antonio Spurs victory- he is looking for his next ring.
    Lebron James:
  • Drafted right out of high school– 2003/ Round 1/ Pick 1st overall to the Cavaliers
  • NBA Champion (20122013)
  • NBA Finals MVP (20122013)
Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

The Cleveland Cavaliers won 118-88 over the Atlanta Hawks Tuesday- LeBron James and James Jones will become the 1st players since the 1960s Celtics to make five straight Finals appearances.  —history right here—-

The Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks was a four-game sweep to win the Eastern Conference Finals. This wasn’t a surprise to most NBA fans and Sports Analysts, ex. Charles Barkley…

Fact: James and Jones were members of the Miami Heat franchise when they made four straight Finals appearances from 2011 through 2014, winning two, The duo then signed with Cleveland in the off-season- James returning to his first team he was drafted with in his career. This season the Miami Heat did not make the NBA playoffs (37-35 record).

Fact: This is Cleveland’s first NBA Finals trip since 2007.

Stat: In 13 postseason games this year, James has averaged 27.9 points, 10.5 rebounds and 8.4 assists. Jones has averaged 4.8 points and 1.5 rebounds.

Photo Credit: Cleveland.com

The NBA Finals will start once the Western Conference finals finishes between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. Game 5 is tonight at 8:00 p.m. CT on ESPN.

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Houston Rockets Fans Share Their Thoughts On The Historic Win For Clutch City

By: Kiersten Ehr

Gist of it:

Today the Houston Rockets beat the Los Angeles Clippers 113-100 at the Toyota Center in Houston in front of thousands of energetic Clutch City fans (for people who do not know what Clutch City refers to it is the nickname for the Rockets in 1994-1995 for winning Championships back to back).
I asked a few of my Rockets friends to share their thoughts on the epic win- here is their story. I hope you enjoy learning more about the Rockets.

Photo Credit: Michael Burgower


“The crowd is great at the Toyota Center, a lot of positive energy. James Harden is my favorite because he’s the MVP (most valuable player) no matter what the world says. He’s really connected with the fans. Every national analyst is biased against them, that’s why people think we’re the underdogs. We as fans enjoy that social media etc. they don’t believe in us and it just gives us more reason to prove them wrong.”
– Jacob Bonnington 

Photo Credit: Michael Burgower

“This series has been an amazing roller coaster ride. Everybody believed that the Clippers were going to win this series especially with them being 3-1, but my Rockets showed heart and determination and showed the world that ‘Clutch City’ is back.”
– Michael Burgower 

Photo Credit: Michael Burgower

“This year marks the 20th anniversary of our back to back championships, which was a great time in Houston Sports history.The Rockets back to back championships in 1994, 1995. And after today’s win, we finally feel a few steps closer to bringing back another championship to Houston. We are the 4th team in NBA history to come back from almost elimination.”
– Dan Sedd

Photo Credit: Michael Burgower
Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 8.36.45 PM
Contributed from Kyle Wilson

“This was a team that was thought to have no heart and after back to back blowouts in Games 3 and 4. But when they could’ve gone down quietly, they came together as a team. As cliche as it sounds, it literally took every player on the team to be just the ninth team in the NBA history to come back from down 3-1 in the series. Whether it was Ariza knocking down three after three, Priginoni (who was too old) creating havoc on the defense and creating offense with his hustle, Jason Terry (who’s washed up) and his defense on CP3 (Chris Paul), Corey Brewer bringing hustle and energy, or Josh Smith transforming his game after coming to Houston and becoming a do-everything guy who orchestrated their entire comeback in Game 6 and was key again in Game 7. Every player who stepped on the floor contributed to this historic comeback. It was beautiful to watch.”
– Landon Kuhlmann

What’s Next:

The Houston Rockets will enjoy this victory as well as the loyal fans– but they will have to play at the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, California on Tuesday, May 19th at 9:00 p.m. CT on ESPN for Game 1 in the final four round.