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Sports fans need to make a sports bucket list

By: Kiersten Ehr

Bucket List 101

Everyone should have a bucket list…

But why not make a sports bucket list of all the games/places/events that you want to experience in your life?

Here’s some tips on how to make the most out of your sports dreams. I promise you this will be great motivation to work a little harder to save towards your sports dreams.

Photo Credit: Tumblr.com Listen to Ferris Bueller

  • Splurge A Little

    ||Save up/work that extra hour/plan your budget||

  • Indulge

    ||life is short/don’t miss out on having the time/experience of your life/ tip—instead of indulging in materialism indulge in sports||

  • Treat Yourself

    ||your’re worth it people
    it’s ok to be selfish once in a while for your favorite sports team or sports dreams/ just tell people “hey this is my life and my sports bucket list.”||

  • Have Fun

    ||life is meant to be lived out to the fullest/be that person that inspires others to pursue their sports fans’ dreams|| 

  • Find Your Passion

    ||What teams/events/places do you love?
    whether that’s american football/english soccer/basketball/baseball/yankee stadium/lambeau field— pick a destination and sporting event that you have always wanted to experience||
    ….go experience and live out your dreams!

  • Invest In Your happiness

    ||every sports fan knows there is no better feeling than having your team win a huge game— go be with fans at a crazy jam packed stadium and create new memories||
    Don’t be that person that regrets not living out their sports dreams…

    kiersten’s sports bucket list

  • Experience another Green Bay Packer home game again @Lambeau Field
    (Cool fact—My dad asked me if I wanted to go to a Packer game while I was writing this blog)
  • Tour the Packers Hall of Fame
  • Attend another Notre Dame Football game (Visit the campus and Grotto with my granddad)
  • Experience an English/European soccer game preferably an English Premier League game (Chelsea F.C.)
  • Attend a Super Bowl
  • Attend a Spurs playoff game
  • Attend another Chicago Cub’s game at Wrigley Field 
  • Attend the Texas State Football game at Florida State University
  • Attend a Wisconsin Badger Football home game 
    Photo Credit: Tumblr.com (Wise words to live by)


Until the next time,
I’m Kiersten Ehr
(Your SportsChic)

Un4gettable Brett Favre gets standing ovation at Packers Hall of Fame ceremony

By: Kiersten Ehr
(Native Texan Packer fan)

Photo Credit: athletepromotions.com

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin– The #4 jersey will forever belong to the American football quarterback Brett Favre at Lambeau Field as his number will be retired for the Packers franchise.

July 18th, 2015 marked a day for healing for the Packers community. Brett was officially inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. 67,000 Packer fans stood in standing ovation for 4 minutes at Lambeau for their favorite No.4. Favre was humbled to tears by the brilliant turnout of loyal fans.

“I truly thank you,” Favre said to the fans.

Photo Credit: Packers.com

Favre & cheesehead fans experienced an emotional roller coaster as the 1992-2007 quarterback (Favre) declared retirement in ’07’ yet decided to make another comeback into the NFL (Brett loves the game of American football and just wasn’t ready to give up his passion)…Favre  later played for the New York Jets (2008) and the Minnesota Vikings (2008-2010).

Photo Credit: Packers.com (Million dollar smile. Gotta love this happy guy.)


First packer to be inducted into Packers hall of fame and have jersey retired


1. Most consecutive starts by any player in NFL history (297 — 321 including playoffs)

2. Most wins by a quarterback in NFL history (186)

3. Most passing yards in NFL history (71,838)

4. NFL’s only 3-time consecutive MVP (1995-97)

Photo Credit: bambootrading.com
  • Played as a Green Bay Packer (1992-2007)
  • 20 NFL seasons
  • Super Bowl Champion XXXI 1997
  • Holds NFL record for most consecutive starts, wins, pass yards and completions
  • 71,838 career pass yards (MOST in NFL history)
  • 508 career pass TD (2nd-most in NFL history)

    Yes there’s still more…
  • Started in 297 consecutive games most in NFL history
  • 11-time Pro Bowl selection
  • 3-time NFL MVP (1995-97)
  • 508 Career Touchdown passes
  • 2 X NFC Champion (1996, 1997)
  • 3 X First-team All-Pro (1995, 1996, 1997)
  • Second-team All-Pro (2001, 2002, 2007)


1. Most retirements (at least three as of June 2015)

2. Most sacks taken in NFL history (525)

3. Most fumbles in NFL history (166)

4. Most interceptions in NFL history (336)

During the standing ovation at Lambeau, Favre said, “Running onto Lambeau field and throwing at Lambeau-there is nothing like it on this earth.”

{Youtube Link for Favre all-time plays}


  1. Endures through thick and thin
    (Favre played a game on the night after his father’s death/ his wife battled breast cancer)
  2. LOVES American football with a passion
  3.  Loved cracking jokes with teammates on the side-lines
  4. Continues to thank the Packer fans for their loyalty
  5. He played as if every game was his last
  6. Even in retirement he still wasn’t ready to give up the sport
  7. Humble country Mississippi boy
  8. He’s still a kid at heart
  9. Extremely respected as an athlete & person in the sports world
  10. Coaches tell their players and kids to play like Brett Favre

Brett said he’s going to stop right here. “It’s amazing. absolutely amazing.”

Photo Credit: Packers.com

“I would think that everyone that watched me play knew that I was having fun. I was trying my very best to win every ball game. I was enjoying my teammates.”

“When I  was fortunate enough to have a touchdown pass I wanted to celebrate with my fans. I wanted to celebrate with my teammates. It was never about me.”- Favre

Photo Credit: Packers.com

“The way I’ve played the way I’ve answered questions and the way I dealt with my teammates and fans that it was genuine and real,” Favre said.

“There’s so many great games, so many great memories. To be able to share it with these people (Packer fans) is amazing. I have played elsewhere and there is nothing like this place. Where else can you get this many people in a stadium when there’s not a game? Nowhere. Only here.”

Photo Credit: Packers.com

“Where can you get this many fans into a stadium when there is a game? Right here,” Favre said.

Although Favre’s number was retired Saturday, it won’t go up on the Lambeau Field façade until the Thanksgiving night game this year against the Chicago Bears. Favre is eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame next year. Welcome home.

As a Packer fan and Favre fan, I couldn’t be more happier for Mr. Brett Favre. We love you man. Stay humble.
{Favre will always and 4ever be a Packer}

(Kiersten Ehr in 2011 Packer jersey)

Until the next time,
I’m Kiersten Ehr

American Football…I think yes

Unitas. #8 Young. #4 Favre. #12 Brady. Staubach. #13 Marino. #12 Bradshaw. #18 Manning. #7 Elway. #16 Montana. #12 Rodgers.

For decades America has focused on the beautiful game of American Football. If you live in the U.S.A. it’s just football clear to the point.

Football is a way of life. It’s american culture. It builds character.

My first memory of football started when I was still in a toddler seat sitting next to my dad on the couch- we would watch Notre Dame Football games on Saturday’s as a tradition- turned out that it was one of the few things that made me calm and quiet-
Football tuned out to be an Ehr family tradition- following Green Bay Packer games on Sunday.

It’s hard to describe the sensation that football brings fans. In short it brings communities together to enjoy a common passion…football.

  • To- High school football games bringing thousands of fans in stands roaring and stomping – the band cheering on with cheerleaders on the sidelines- to coaches screaming their heads off at referees- young quarterbacks throwing hail marys while winning state titles- to young men feeling heartbroken after the senior year ends- nothing compares.
  • College football brings whole campuses, communities, student populations, organizations, alumni,  televised broadcasts, and tail-gating into a whole other dimension.
  • Super Fandom- Then you meet the head honchos. The big Kahuna’s. What I like to say- the NFL(National Football League). The NFL provides a network and atmosphere that welcomes fans from all cultures. The NFL’s history is rich in depth and is quite remarkable how the league has transformed over the years. The memorabilia-jerseys- accessories- marketing- commercials- fan base- way of life is an american story.
  • It’s rare to come across broadcaster’s and professionals in the NFL field who can agree on who the best teams are or best players- but– they can all agree that when National Televised Football games are in Green Bay, all the bias talk is out the window
Kiersten's Pictures 1229
Tailgating in 2007.
Kiersten's Pictures 1225
Best food in 2007.
  • Green Bay for those of you who don’t know is remarkably small in population- but FILLED with TRUE Packer fans. The city shuts down on game day- not a soul is walking about- thousands flood to Lambeau Field or to bars to watch the game. I’m a born and raised Packer fan since my whole family descended from the dairy land- the good old Wisconsin.
  • Little interesting fact about the Packers organization (coming across season tickets and even a single ticket can near from impossible; my dad signed up for the season ticket list 15 years ago and his number will be called up when he is 115. The expected waiting list today is 130 years. 
    Football is not just another sport in America. It’s a way of life- bondage- love- passion- dream- goal- hope.My friends,
    I hope that all of you can have a moment in life where a sport can bring you great joy and love that you can share with others.
    – Kiersten

Here’s some funny clips from NFL games. Enjoy!